AFTER HOURS CARE IN KANSAS CITY has been around for 35 years.

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Remain a friend to those you care about.

Celebratations of Life. After hours care in Kansas City

Remain confident even during your most difficult days and you will succeed.


Continue to nuture your friendships.

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After hours care in Kansas City will find us available to handle for your dental emergency.

Located in the heart of greater Kansas City, MO. area.

We provide emergency dental care (after hours) in Kansas City, located at Rockhill Rd. & 63rd St. with 35  years of experience.

Attended the University of Missouri Dental School in Kansas City, Missouri.

Graduated 1979 with a doctorate in Dentistry and a bachelors degree in Psychology.

"Peace of Mind - Great Oral Hygiene"

“Peace of Mind – Great Oral Hygiene”

Providing traditional and alternative treatment plans for your dental health needs.

Nutritional counseling and wellness information will place you at ease our practice is based upon Holistic health.

The main reasons the public seek dental care are due to Halitosis and Pain relief.

Preventative Dental Care keeps these problems to a minimum.

Dental Technology making a difference.

Dental Technology making a difference.

The enclosed picture was taken at the Midwest Dental Convention

where alumni of the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry return for continuing education courses.

Continuing education is an ongoing update for the growth and enrichment of the dental community.

Dentists take many hours of continuing education over the course of their careers.

We are able to learn, understand and implement modern technology

for the greater good of our patients.

Patients feel more at ease when they know the dental community is doing their very best to deliver quality dental care.

The following services are provided in our office;

 *Hygiene and Emergency Services

 *Prophylaxis, Deep Scaling & Root Planing

 *Cosmetic Dentistry

 *Dental Implants 

*Teeth Whitening 

*Crowns & Bridges

*Dentures & Partials


Talk to us about having your sweets if you ingest the right ingredients.

Processed sugar in the United States not only is key in the breakdown of teeth but other organ systems as well.

Set as a goal to reduce your sugar intake for optimum health.

Good nutrition recommends nutrient dense products for the replacement of genetically engineered products like processed sugar.

Routine dental care as recommended by the American Dental Association is a great adjunct in the prevention of dental caries and the gum disease processes gingivitis and periodontitis.

Find out who provides after hours care in Kansas City.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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