Lecture Dr Wallach Boosting immunity

We have entered the season where boosting immunity should be a primary objective.

It has been documented the flu shot only gives immunity for a very small fraction of the viral pathogens that cause the common cold.

There are thousands of viral strains that will not be touched by the contents of a flu shot.

Many of us touch the lives of countless citizens in our communities.

A first line of defense should be a quality vitamin regimen taken daily.

Receive optimal amounts of water daily, consuming approximately

half of your body weight in fluid ounces.

Your vitamin should contain enough supplements and minerals to avoid nutritional deficiency diseases.

As a general rule take the essential nutrients that your body does not manufacture.

Discuss with your physician where you can substitute anti-inflammatories such as steroids for natural products from natural sources.

Steroids subdue your immune system leaving you open to infection.

Boosting immunity starts with rebuilding the tissues of the body getting them healthy to ward off attack from disease and infections.

Understand the role of gluten in the digestive tract. Pay close attention to skin rashes as signs your nutrition may not be optimized.

You can’t absorb nutrients if the digestive tract is clogged with gluten.

Stressed are the products to avoid made from wheat, barley, or oats that fill our grocery stores.

There are a number of reasons to go on a gluten free diet but first and foremost it can be a great adjunct to help patients absorb their nutrients.

Liquid vitamins are easily absorbed in comparison to pill type vitamins.

As a dentist it is highly recommended to not ingest sugar before bedtime.

Mineral deficiencies are the quickest way to gain weight.

Optimal nutrition requires a healthy range of weight on your frame.

Exercise and watching in-between meal treats cannot be over emphasized as positive regimens to adopt at any time of the year.

Boosting immunity is a matter of treating nutritional deficiency diseases.

From our dental clinic a tour is highly recommended in Whole Food Grocers, that addresses foods that are anti-inflammatory.

Reducing inflammation is another way to boost immunity.

Google foods that are anti-inflammatory to get a handle on this. You will also see a list of foods that are not healthy for you causing inflammation.

Knowing your body produces no minerals helps in planning a healthy supplement program.

Boosting immunity is a game plan for healthy living throughout the lifespan of the patient.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


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