Using your mind


Using your mind keeps you involved in the game of life.

Dentists who play golf meet friends and colleagues at local golf courses to enjoy time away from the dental office.

Fifty per cent of golf develops on the mental side of play.

A shot taken with confidence after hours and hours of practice travels to its desired destination.

Athletes that play at a very high level understand the mental part of their game is critical in performing well for their team.

You can be good at what you do but still suck in the game if you develop bad habits.

Trying to do far above and beyond your job makes you less effective.

Control your emotions to perform well at what you do.

Adrenalin gets you up for the game but overplay of your position forces mistakes that hurt your team.

We go all out to win at what we do.

Using your mind reduces mental lapses that defeat your true intentions to achieve at a high level.

It is noteworthy to include those who make presentations to rally the troops.

Great planning is required to get good reviews from those who are motivated by what you are able to say from the front of the room.

Good information comes as a result of using your mind to provide what is desired by the group.

Things done over and over again in practice drills make the actions you do automatic so that focus can be placed on the vital actions that make you successful.

Study the practice sessions of professional athletes to learn how champions prepare to win,

Winning becomes a mindset long before championship banners are raised.

If talent was the only requirement for success, most people would be successful just by showing up to play the game.

Those who display toughness of mind place themselves in a better position to win the big games.

See yourself competing at a high level if you decide to display toughness of mind.

The seeds for your success have already been sown controlling your emotions and performing daily at a high level.

Control what you are capable of controlling and stay mentally focused using your mind.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



What Do You Fear?


A profund question is being directed at you, what do you fear?

Dental patients come to our office where emergency dental care is rendered on a daily basis.

I’m a KC dentist aspiring to give the most advanced treatment possible.

Dentistry in KC handles dental phobias up close and personal allowing the patient to have a pleasant experience with minimal downsides.

Is it fearing loss of life, or maybe poor health, financial ruin ranks high for many, loneliness is also a major concern for those maturing in age, or is it just the uncertainty that life brings us all?

In the Bible fear is addressed more than the subject of love we are told by some biblical scholars.

In your own life look for solid evidence where you have succeeded in what you set out to do.

The Creator of heaven and earth becomes your shield when you stop fearing what you have no control over in life.

He stays with you through the most difficult of times.

So true is the statement you attract what you think about most.

If the majority of time is spent in a posture that places you punishing yourself because of what you fear, it will seep into every crevice of your mind and pollute a person’s auto play messages.

Good positive messages in, result in actions that attract success.

Gain courage in knowing you are not alone in your battles.

Courage is not the absence of fear but acting in spite of thoughts that originate from it’s grip.

Fear has a tendency to cause paralysis and inaction in spite of your best intentions.

Going it alone is a short term action only meant to hold the fort until help arrives in the form of additional resources, information or people.

Victories are the spoils of the courageous who find a way to act inspite of fear thoughts.

No one wakes up each morning to welcome the bitter taste of defeat.

Setbacks are part of the life cycle and should not be mis-interrupted as failure.

Consciously speak into existence the cessation of fear.

Look upon setbacks as a time to learn from mistakes and make better choices.

Working smart will teach you to stop touching a hot stove when heat is felt coming from the potential pain source.

Dentists fearful of treating difficult patients miss golden opportunities to resolve their concerns.

In the hours you struggle the most are the times to re-focus and find the best route out of a storm to proceed.

Ask dental patients the question what do you fear?

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Civility knows no boundaries. Blended Families

Building Strong Character
Defining Your Purpose. Blended Families

Working in a mental health center brings challenging days for counselors who treat members of blended families.

A young lady displayed a beautiful diamond ring to our dental staff with a statement she will wed her soulmate.

She discussed concerns the children of her fiancé are older than her own children but willing to give it a go hoping for the best.

Months later she came back into the dental office but discussed how difficult life had been in her new home.

One of her husband’s daughters rudely retorted,”you are not my mother, don’t tell me what to do!”

From her conversation to a KC dentist, it seems she had tried to enforce house rules where before her entrance there had been no discipline.

People meet with the best of intentions and marry for better or worst.

Children from previous marriages will come together under the same roof, attempting to cope with the new pecking order.

Responsible adults figure out the process required to keep family all on the same page functioning as a unit.

It takes time to gel as a new family, understanding all the idiosyncrasies of each individual.

The main ingredient that brought two individuals together in holy matrimony is love.

Love must be shared and divided equally among all members of the family with the understanding, you must start at the level they are willing to receive love from you.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will the blended family.

Discipline at many levels is key for all players in the game to play under the same set of rules.

Where no discipline exists there will be mental tug-of-wars and chaos.

The blood relative in the household must take the lead in roles of dispensing discipline, while the non-blood relative continues to establish over time, a strong bond, as someone who is there that can be depended upon.

Dispensing discipline before a bond is formed causes unnecessary stress.

It is the established bond along with support of the children’s blood relative that enables the other parent to assist in discipline.

Arguments about my house, my room, my this or that should be worked out long before the family settles under one roof.

Spiritual counselors give guidance to the couple planning holy matrimony.

A good idea is to also counsel individual family members as well to understand each personality.

Where there is no understanding, tempers have a tendency to flare out of control.

Powder kegs have the capability of igniting when sparks fly.

Adults that support each other win.

Blended families are difficult but not impossible, the key is discipline supported with love.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Smoking and Drug Metabolism


KC dentists discuss the concerns of smoking and drug metabolism with their patients.

Emergency dental care is well aware of post operative extraction site pain known as osteomyelitis.

Smokers are warned there is a higher potential for dry sockets than there is for nonsmokers.

Literature reports some drugs interact with cigarette smoking.

Theophylline present in tea leaves, or produced synthetically is used in medicine especially as a bronchodilator, to relieve or prevent symptoms of asthma and bronchospasm, associated with chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

This smooth muscle relaxant has contraindications to not be used where there is hypertension, cardiac disease, liver disease, renal disease, or concurrent treatment with other xanthines that may prohibit its use.

Xanthine derivatives are agents that resemble natural occurring xanthines such as caffeine, theobromine and methyl-xanthines. These are plant alkaloids and components of coffee, tea and chocolate.

Chronic smoking causes on many occasions the problems requiring broncho-dilation.

Theophylline is eliminated more quickly in smokers than non-smokers.

With faster elimination of theophylline from the body, it becomes difficult to relieve or prevent symptoms of asthma and bronchospasm.

Cigarettes also induce an increase of the isoenzyme CYP, responsible for metabolism of theophylline.

As a result of hepatic induction of CYP, serum concentrations of theophylline have been shown to be reduced in smokers.

Patients with insulin dependent diabetes who smoke heavily, may require a heavier dose of insulin than nonsmokers.

Propoxyphene, a pain reliever, has been found to be less effective in heavy smokers than nonsmokers.

Propanolol is a prescription drug that treats hypertension, angina(chest pain), irregular heartbeat, migraine headaches, tremors, lowers risk of repeated heart attacks, anxiety and panic attacks.

Propanolol followed by heavy smoking, significantly decreased cardiac output, significantly increased blood pressure and peripheral resistance of blood flow.

Anti-anxiety agents such as diazepam showed that drowsiness was less likely to occur in smokers than nonsmokers.

Smoking probably acts by producing arousel of the central nervous system instead of the desired effect drowsiness.

Acceleration of the metabolism reduces concentrations of the drug in the blood stream.

The correlation between women older than 35 smoking 15 cigarettes daily on oral contraceptives is very complex.

Oral contraceptives in this age group may place the woman at an increased risk of myocardial infarction.

Smoking and drug metabolism is a concern in the dental office where doses of prescription drugs should be monitored closely.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Reference: Drug Information Handbook For Dentistry 14th Edition by Lexi-Comp



Stop Judging Me

The Celebrations Of Life Are To Be Enjoyed. Stop Judging Me

Criticism has a way of grabbing your attention when it is negative causing the reaction, stop judging me!

It takes wisdom and discernment  to render sound judgement from a position of constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism applied to your circumstances helps to give you an edge up on competitors.

Sound judgement from wisdom carries with it the experience and expertise of knowledgable decisions, tested and proven in the trenches.

You are more willing to listen to advice from those who knowingly judge well.

From psychiatric aspects of dentistry stories are reviewed and released that are relevant to our blog

KC dentists share their views on the Internet relating to the experiences of others.

A story has been in my mind for several years after a man appeared in the emergency room of our mental health center referred by his family members.

The young man had been abusing drugs for some time giving his family grief related to drug abuse.

Household and personal items had been disappearing on a regular basis.

Altercations with family caused his visit to our center on this particular evening.

Mental health centers must prove a patient is a danger to himself or others, beyond a reasonable doubt, to detain the client for further psychiatric evaluation.

Staff explained to the client before admitting him as a patient into the hospital, the reasons he would be spending the evening at our facility.

On several occasions the young man stated, “NO ONE’S WRONG ALL THE TIME ARE THEY?”

Down the hall with the elevator closing you could still hear his cry, “no one’s wrong all the time are they?”

Out of touch with reality due to drug abuse, the patient was saying to the world stop judging me.

At some level he understood his actions were wrong but felt somewhere in life there must be something he was doing that was acceptable to his community and family members.

Drugs or alcohol have a way of nullifying an opinion or decision because it is not based upon careful thought.

The patient’s demons were the reason for his unscheduled visit to the emergency room.

Even in our business dealings we will not move forward with speed if our decisions are more wrong than right.

Indecision and projects half done will scuttle any ship where decisive maneuvers are required to avoid deadly mines that blow you out of the water.

Accepting constructive criticism will move you forward.

Stop judging me should only apply to negative and destructive criticism.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.