WE CARE Premature removal of deciduous teeth from accidental loss or carious lesions require the placement of pediatric space maintainers in the majority of cases. Children in their various stages of growth regarding the jaw structures, have eruption patterns throughout childhood. Permanent teeth in relation to deciduous teeth have an increased tooth mass. Permanent teeth […]


WE CARE Pediatric dental concerns when addressed maintain the overall health of our young patients. At an early age dentists identify the problems of our children. Time and time again children are diagnosed with rampant tooth decay. Tooth decay is a result of poor oral hygiene and excessive consumption of sweets. Teach mothers the danger […]


WE CARE Pediatric dentistry is available through our emergency dental care program. Children and adults are treated in our dental facility. Scrapes and bruises are not limited to only the knees and elbows. Skates, bicycles, swing sets, baseball, kickball, soccer, contact sports, swimming pools, coffee tables, bath tubs all take a toll on tiny tots. […]