HAVNG your prize. Getting the job done. Royals relentless success.



Having your prize can be achieved giving to others what they desire in order to receive what you need.

Many niches are on the world-wide web to chose from.

Integrate a new operation so that your foundation for the business is stable.

It takes a series mindset by the business owner to run and maintain a solid business concern.

I am viewing this evening an episode of a television series called “The Profit”.

The series bails out business concerns that are failing because of mismanagement and clear leadership.

Consistency is a key in working on your business more than you work in the business.

Every business must have a mission statement so you don’t get lost working within your business.

Build a business and make sure to set a standard you can live by and plan for business growth.

Consistency and standard delivery create stability in your business.

Give those under your employ systems that deliver the consistency desired to get the job done.

Every business requires strong leadership to run smoothly and efficiently.

Have what the client wants and you have found the need that should be filled.

Find a need and fill it to the best of your ability.

Consumers want the opportunity to make decisions for themselves.

Set up your brick and mortar store and website with this key in mind.

At the center of every successful operation is a satisfied customer.

Keep customers satisfied and you definitely increase your chances of being successful.

Having your prize is a product of all the above  being applied to the daily actions of growing your business.

Incorporating systems into your business will bring unity required to run a business in today’s marketplace.

A well run business has state of the art technologies in many facets of the business.

Everything comes together incorporating th branding f your niche.

The television series shows what can occur with a visionary at the helm.

If you are having problems realizing your targets get back on track operating within simplicity.

Keeping things simple ensures duplicity of your purpose.

Take the time to incorporate a standard of high quality in your business model.

Quality incorporated into your operation is a very good thing.

Many of us do not have the business experience and acumen to run an operation that lives up to the targets we want.

Having your prize comes after the hard questions get answered that grow your business.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentst4you.biz




Defining survival. Powerful statements

POWERFUL STATEMENTS DEFINING SURVIVAL Defining survival for your business in 2016 will require the greatest of focus on gathering resources.

A visit to an area gun range noted gun sales are at an all time high.

When the world economy crashes there will not be enough bullets or guns to fight your way out of the troubling times.

Existing times dictate we pay attention to the local and world economic climate.

No one has a crystal ball, but writing on the proverbial wall speaks to harsh times ahead.

Defining survival helps you plan for the present and near future.

Your ability to survive depends upon a high priority to discern what is necessary in obtaining the necessities of life.

You must reason with all your mental capacity to keep a positive position.

A book often recommended by financial executives is “The Richest Man In Babylon”.

The book was initially printed in the 1920s and remains relevant to this very day.

It teaches practical lessons in finance.

The man or woman expecting to move forward in difficult times must maintain the highest of wit.

In my arena you will find entrepreneurs who have left America starting to exchange dollars for other valuable currencies.

Many Americans expecting to escape the worst of times are abroad living in Europe.

All the great empires of earth at some point come to an end.

Take the time to research for yourself the following empires; Babylon, the Medes and Persians, the Greeks and Romans.

They all were at a point of splendor and grandeur during their zenith.

The final great empire of earth after the Romans is the current American empire.

What you would like to see for yourself make it so with a well thought out plan.

In my niche patients will still need the services of a certified dentist.

A bartering system will keep your doors open. Those who find a way to remain of value to their communities will survive.

The greatest among us that remain valuable to those we service plain and simple will survive.

Survivalist who meet in the woods are training how to return to yesteryear, living off the land.

They are educating themselves in the ways of growing crops from seeds and storing up provisions to survive the throes of winter.

Defining survival is not a game but a serious effort to win in the game of life.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://www.dentist4you.biz




TV Series Billions


The TV Series Billions will be a roller coaster ride in their new season.

If you want to watch an interesting television series stay tuned in lieu of what was displayed on Tuesday evening.

“Billions” the series pilot, season 1, did not disappoint its viewers leaving you wanting to tune in for more next week. (www.sho.com)

A New York U.S. attorney, Chuck Rhodes is playing the role of an aggressive public servant who goes all out to take down a New York big money mogul, Bobby Axelrod.

The U.S. Attorney’s wife is a psychiatrist, working for the star of the show, a valuable asset keeping key players performing at a high level.

The program reminds me of the television series, “Empire” and “Power” both action packed, full of good vs evil plots.

These two series define themselves with unique villains and heroines throughout their episodes.

A combination of both series may be found this season in “Billions”.

Tonight the characters have set the tone as highly intelligent and at the top of their games.

They show the viewers how business is done in the shadows and trenches, cloak and dagger style.

Careers are advanced at the expense of others.

Incarceration awaits those who get caught with their hands inside cookie jars when caught in the act of insider trading.

Taking down key players is the name of the game and prize for the attorney general, a ruthless cunning individual.

The mogul and U.S. attorney are pitted against each other as arch enemies.

They both find ways to keep tabs on the other as the psychological thriller plays out.

To the mogul his very way of life is at stake along with serious jail time.

He is the prize for the U.S. attorney who has never lost a white collar crime case out of over 80 cases tried in federal court.

A very narrow tight wire rope is walked in the series by those who make money in life’s gray areas where risk taken have been greatly reduced because of insider tips.

Think how successful you would be if someone gave you a formula for success where you knew exactly what to do before everyone else.

Every action you performed would be attached to the midas touch. The goose that lays golden eggs would be your personal property.

This appears to be the makings of a most interesting TV series Billions.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz

Reference: www.sho.com,www.go90.com



Robert Herjavec ready for financial duty.


Robert Herjavec is one of the “Shark Tank” icons sharp as tack and ready to face the battles of the financial realm.

In an article by Jodi Marsh that appeared in Sam’s Club magazine, “Healthy Living”, it was stated Mr. Herjavec is viewed as a business mogul.

The article was inspiring in that it portrayed the entrepreneur  as a warm man of humble beginnings.

He used hard work as a tool to propel himself to the top of his niche, global cybersecurity.

We win in our business lives understanding success starts in one’s personal life Jodi Marsh reports.

For years a similar plan has been followed to that implemented by Mr. Herjavec.

Through jogging over a period of time you build up stamina and endurance to win the mini marathons of life.

Showing up at 5K runs places you in the very thick of the competition.

You don’t always feel the competition as an ‘in your face’ activity similar to jogging in marathons while at the office performing daily tasks.

Training week by week keeping your body in tune to physical exercise prepares the body and mind to push beyond your normal limits and routines.

Challenge yourself to set targets you are willing to make.

Targets should be realistic and obtainable.

Don’t limit your ability to achieve what is not in view at the present time.

Gurus who are truthful remind us to live in this moment and not the past or the future.

Learn from the past, for there are valuable lessons in history for us all.

Plan life to prepare for future retirement but what you do this moment in the present is where the rubber meets the road.

The article, “Fiscally Fit,” Robert Herjavec is reported to have stated, “the past doesn’t define you, and I think that goes for a healthy lifestyle too. You’ve got to take care of your body because it’s the vessel for your mind. If you want to be financially independent, you have to work on yourself.”

In my niche dentistry, an emergency dentist Kansas City, is called upon to work strenuous hours performing tedious procedures.

The discipline of work truly does a body good. It occupies the mind in a very worthwhile and therapeutic way.

Work with focus at its center will take you to the top of the mountain.

It is understood why Robert Herjavec has created such a high level of success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz

Reference: HMLS.com, robertherjavec.com



Use wisdom in solving problems.


We live in an age where solving problems is a very valuable skill set for achievement.

Problems are inherent in all walks of life. Their resolution is paramount to move beyond them.

The year 2015 is coming to an end with sights now set upon the coming new year.

In a book, “The Richest Man In Babylon,” we are warned to not spend more than 70% of what we earn.

A business is a very vulnerable enterprise left to the trade winds of operating upon just your feelings to find your way.

Take the time to document every dollar spent in 2015 to move ahead in 2016.

Knowing where each dollar has been spent will help curtail unnecessary spending.

You will have an opportunity to formulate a budget so that you can control expenses.

Solid budgets where the spending does not extend beyond 70% of income will free an individual to gain control of indebtedness.

Above all to move ahead in 2016 use 10% of your income for wealth building, improving ability in solving problems.

Nail down investments that yield fair and reasonable gains.

You would not give your hard earned 10% to an amateur if you are serious about building an increase in your income.

There are reputable investment brokers who are able to produce conservative returns in safe and steady investments.

Long gone are the days where money is buried in the back yard.

Time spent solving problems in the financial arena will serve you well.

At some point most of us would like our money to work on our behalf so that there is an opportunity to retire from the workforce.

Be thankful for a job or profession where one day after many years at your post, you are able to enter retirement.

Retirement as some see it will not be a time of no productivity but a time to do those things near and dear to your heart.

One school teacher after many years on the job informed me how wonderful it would be to go back on occasion and read to young school children.

Travel to exotic destinations is also high on the list of many with time on their hands.

Another man after 40 years on the job discussed how he was requested to return to work from retirement because machinist were in minimal supply.

He returned to his old plant as a consultant glad to be of assistance because of his valuable skill sets.

It took young machinists 10 years to learn their trade and hired out afterwards to the highest bidder.

You will never be out dated on any job if you are good at solving problems.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://www.dentist4you.biz



Simplistic designs


Use simplistic designs to maximize your potential.

What you create using form and function connects the dots of a project.

Develop your projects using the most basic elements of form and function.

Oral health care at its best significantly reduces pain and suffering related to dental disease.

Dentists, dental hygienists, and dental auxiliary staff teach patients the art of basic disease control within the oral cavity.

Patients recognize early on there is effort required on their part to remain free of oral disease.

It is your daily basic actions that bring success.

No matter how you frame this statement simplistic designs are the most effective.

One major goal in the dental office is the reduction and eventual elimination of halitosis.

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, reduces effectiveness in the best of workers.

Difficulty is experienced bonding to co-workers where you find yourself in continuous daily close contact.

A lot of tactful urging is required that causes a person to seek relief from bad breath.

Bad breath treatments are for the bearer of the problem and those around him/her.

Seeking treatment says you respect and care about those who communicate daily within close proximity.

The basic actions of brushing effectively and flossing daily should not be underestimated.

They keep food particles from breaking down between the teeth.

Another basic tool in the regimen to fight halitosis is the proxy-brush.

Proxy-brushes fit between the teeth, clearing food, plaque and bacteria before they develop a slime layer.

The putrefaction of food items over time left between the teeth form sulphuric gases.

Bad gaseous oder coming from the mouth is very difficult to mask with candy, mints or mouthwash.

You only fool yourself with this strategy to mask bad breath.

Basic actions yield great success performed with regularity.

It does not matter what you are attempting to achieve in life.

Achieve it with simplistic designs.

One of my favorite basic tools to bring you success in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease is an oral irrigator.

Oral irrigators greatly reduce gingival inflammation.

They give the mouth a daily spa treatment, an oral lavage of thorough cleansing and freshness.

Automated systems improve your ability to remove tartar and plaque.

There are quite a few on today’s market that are very effective.

Their bristles should be soft and multi-tufted for a gentile effect preventing cervical abrasion.

Use simplistic designs to achieve success in whatever you do.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz






History repeats itself


History repeats itself and should be looked upon as a good indicator of what’s to come if the signs of the times are known.

Study what has already transpired throughout the ages to keep from making the same mistakes again and again.

Our business careers take form over a number of years with the best of intentions to be as successful as possible.

One of my favorite subjects is the study of major empires throughout the course of history.

The major empires over the past several thousand years are as follows;

Israel was a formidable foe in the Middle East because they were favored and chosen as the people of the Bible.

You see history repeats itself through the Holy Scriptures.

The Hebrew Israelites fell from grace with Egypt taking the Israelites into captivity.

Egypt ruled as the dominating power in the world until they were overthrown by the Medes and Persia.

No one expected a power as rich as Persia to find themselves at the mercy of the Greeks.

Persia could buy the allegiance of warlords and kings of the earth.

The Greeks were fierce fighters that ruled the Mediterranean and eventually overtook the Medes and Persians.

The Republic of Rome came to power defeating the Greeks.

To this day Rome exists as a separate state within Italy as the Vatican.

In modern times America has been the major super power. Empires have come and gone throughout the ages.

But like the rest all have fallen from grace and we in America will not be excluded from the same.

Impending gloom and doom over the current world system should be accepted in its proper context.

We are told through the scriptures to humble ourselves and call upon the Creator of heaven and earth to heal our land.

As history repeats itself understand the role you play in easing the pain and suffering of those around you.

Continue to administer what the world will always need and desire, your quality goods and services.

In our niche emergency dental care Kansas City, a plan is being formulated in the event of catastrophe to area citizens.

Prepare a similar plan in your individual niches and homes as well.

Do not be left unprepared due to financial collapse within an empire that eventually meets a similar fate as all the others.

History repeats itself so ready yourselves for what’s to come.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz




Getting the job done. Royals relentless success.


The Kansas City Royals relentless success did not start with a ticket accepted by stellar play to the playoffs.

An entrepreneur’s job is to find a way to be successful in spite of current circumstances.

Sports Illustrated (www.sportsillustrated.com) has noted on more than one occasion the majority of their writers were unable to predict the success that would come from the efforts of a small market baseball team.

Kansas City won a World Series in 1985 and thirty years later struck pay dirt as winners of the 2015 World Series.

In our Midwest hometown we celebrated right alongside the Royals each time champagne was poured and splashed in their locker room.

Apply to your own niche some of the lessons learned fro this championship team.

Practice makes perfect and is a good place to start.

Note the word team comes up time and time again.

You thrive understanding your position and batting order on your team.

Teams with a cohesive band of highly skilled brothers are very difficult to defeat.

The K.C. Royals have a very deep bullpen, contact hitters, speed on the bases, above average defensive players and an aggressive style of play.

These in baseball are all ingredients for a winning spirit.

Writers now inform readers the Kansas City Royals relentless success was due to their ability to wear down their opponents.

They became very difficult to defeat if ahead in the game because of an excellent pitching staff.

Ned Yoast, their head coach, ask his pitchers to keep the game close so the Royals stay in the game with an opportunity to win.

Life Hack, (www.lifehack.org), through the power of happiness states, “never feel lost in what you are doing.”

The unity of one common purpose to win a championship took the Royals beyond the season’s adversity.

There were times the Royals were looked upon as a team willing to come back from anything.

They were never down so far they lost hope in their ability to overcome obstacles to winning.

View the post season and you watch the theatrics of a team willing to put it all on the line to win their ultimate prize.

It was felt and envisioned long before the end of the season.

Their 2014 season ended with a loss to the San Francisco Giants in the bottom of the 9th inning in game 7 of the World Series.

Use the K.C. Royals relentless success like our dental team through emergency dental care in KC.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz




Organize knowledge to play life's game.


Organize knowledge and use it to formulate definite plans of action.

Look at the following ways to organize knowledge.

Through journals, vision boards, 5 x 7 cards, Day Timer Inc., and Franklin Planners, information can be organized.

We all have weaknesses that can be overcome cataloging collected information.

Use catalogued or stored information as reference materials to formulate a good plan.

One place to review tons of catalogued information is your public library.

In my town, the Kansas City, Missouri, Public Library has good resources for study.

The potential power of knowledge will take you from poverty to riches.

Collect pertinent data and place it in journals for easy access.

Use acquired information as building blocks to your fortune.

Information is the fuel used by the brain to generate energy.

Make it a goal to organize knowledge after study of a subject.

Study is a steady way of formulating a definite plan of action.

To gain knowledge one must also understand the nomenclature of his/her subject.

The best way to understand subject matter is through the use of dictionaries.

There are a wide range available for just about every study situation.

You are told to not bypass words that are unknown.

Knowledge becomes hard to obtain if words are not known within the text that you study.

Words defined for their understanding bring clarity with knowledge as an end product.

Acquisition of information gives vision to those who use knowledge stored in the various methods reported here.

Journals help to find information collected over the years giving easy access to its contents.

Keep journals together in your own small library.

Vision boards give an ever present reminder to claim what is on the board as your own.

Visualizing on a daily basis what is written on the board keeps the board’s contents on the mind.

You will have better recall of the board’s contents reviewing them daily.

Cards collected that are 5 x 7 provide room to write notes about a subject.

Keeping them together in a small box allow access to their review as well.

Another great organizing tool is the Day Timer Inc, time management system and the Franklin Planner.

Our dental team uses all of these systems to function effectively as a cosmetic dentist.

There is a need in every niche to organize knowledge and apply what you learn to real life situations.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz





Thoughts create wealth.


Thoughts create wealth so harvest them daily by writing them down on a regular basis.

Your thoughts bring the desires of your dreams.

From dreams you create the building blocks of wealth.

Midwestern States Dental Meeting hosted by the University of Missouri at Kansas City is known for excellent presentations and state of the art technical exhibits.

Vendors rent booth space to bring cutting edge technology to the dental community.

Meetings of this caliber are attended yearly so that information can be received that enables dental teams to be more effective in rendering dental care to patients.

After receiving quality content take this information and study it to improve the condition of your dental practice.

Apply the information on a daily basis to every aspect of your operation.

On your night stand leave a small journal and pen to write down what comes to you during times of quiet and rest.

Thoughts create wealth after coming to you from television programs.

Quality programs can be great treasures for ideas.

Talk shows on the radio, magazine articles, and books also contain pearls that lead to wealth.

As a first action prepare to receive thoughts that generate a positive energy flow.

Positive energy is desired for those who look to move beyond their current conditions in life.

Steve Jobs is a previous chief executive officer of Apple Computer Inc.

He was supported by Hewlett – Packard starting his career.

Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, was no stranger to failure.

He failed in many scientific trial and error episodes where thoughts create wealth.

He was not afraid to try different techniques on his way to success.

Those who fail understand the process of failure can be used as a stepping stone to your success.

We are informed to not give up in the pursuit of solutions to our problems.

Solutions are found as we collect the thoughts that create what you perceive as valuable.

It was Sir Isaac Newton who informed the world to look at problems from many different angles.

Everyone at one point or another desires success,

Wealth is not always equated in dollars.

For some the precious breath of life is wealth where there is optimal health.

Others will tell you we are rich beyond measure because of good quality relationships.

Thoughts create wealth and should be used to improve life.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz