Watching People

Riding Out Storms
Watching People

Watching people is a spectator sport we all take part in on occasion.

Beyonce Knowles, the apple of Jay Z’s eye is watched by numerous fans.

Take time away from your 9-5 job and get lost in a sea of humanity.

Many dentists work in the niche emergency dental care KC and understand the desire to get away from our profession from time to time.

You are better able to operate in the moment taking excursions to your favorite destinations.

No matter where you go, most destinations have plenty of people to interact with and observe.

A friend is a member of a ski club and shared with our dental team how enjoyable the slopes are this time of the year.

Snow is falling early this Fall season and skiers have packed to enjoy the snowy trails and ski lifts of grand resorts.

In the office we hear tons of stories after dental patients return from extended weekend excursions.

Pictures always pull you into their story where they are available.

At one resort, guests were invited to a pajama party, the highlight of a friends vacation.

The man has been skiing since he was a child and from his conversation is an advanced skier.

Designer ski wear has come light years beyond the snow suits we were provided by our parents, back in the 50s, purchased at Sears and Roebuck Department stores.

Ski slopes make a fashion statement you would have to see to appreciate.

Ski attire makes the average individual look like a successful movie star because of fit, form and function of the garments.

Skiing is one of the most equipment intensive sports you’ll find.

You can always start with rentals to try your hand at the sport.

Gentleman don’t take pictures of America’s workforce at play after dark.

As stated you enjoy the moment and keep your wits about you, protecting the innocent, returning to ski another day.

With a vivid imagination, his comments made me feel this was one of those once in a lifetime shindigs.

Watching people at play either on the snowy slopes or at the resort party is a spectator sport.

From my readings it has been stated people will never forget how you make them feel.

In our most vulnerable times seize the moment and make others feel they are accepted by you within your space.

They may not remember the corny statements expressed, but how you make others feel is what gets remembered.

Watching people is a spectator sport we get a chance to participate in so take the time to make others feel accepted by you.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Positive Energy

Positive Energy, The Nectar of Life

Keep positive energy in your life and you will achieve the greatest of things.

There are vibrations that emanate from all of us both good and bad.

You attract what is resonated from what you say, think and react to on a daily basis.

In difficult markets dentists must maintain vigor and stamina to survive.

A KC dentist that is unable to survive the tough times  loses focus of set goals.

The roads we travel are not taken because of the hand dealt from some proverbial card game.

Your destiny is not cast in the metal of your choosing be it gold, silver, bronze or iron.

Heirlooms and museums warehouse the metal of man in all its various shapes and forms.

They are all malleable like man but because they can be hammered or pressed out of shape without breaking or cracking they outlast our life span.

What makes you malleable makes one stronger.

Men honor the great among us in metallic form but your destiny is the product of your positive energy.

Your metal is forever forged in the crucibles of life.

Life has a way of re-inventing you for the better if positive energy is infused into what you do.

We change again and again to reach our full potential.

Accept the things that make you a stronger and more productive being, shedding all that is non-productive.

Energy flows readily through the best of metals. It also is used to attract what is desired.

Become a force to be reckoned with, strong minded, not easily defeated.

Believe in yourself and know that you can win in the most difficult of circumstances.

In “The Matrix” Neo is told by Morpheus he is the one.

Morpheus tells Neo everything you have been looking for is looking for you.

Neo believed he could make a difference saving humans living in Zion from the machine world.

Believe you can come through for others and you make the world a better place.

Be bold in your living and everything you are looking for is also looking for you.

Positive energy  keeps you strong and fearless, use it to win.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Total Websites

The Great Digital Divide Total Websites

Google the total websites on the Internet and you find a site with a counter displaying and updating over one billion and counting.

It’s mind boggling to find the massive numbers with the web page stating over 75 % of websites are not active.

A dental practice is a great place for friends to share with a KC dentist their experiences on the world-wide web.

Emergency dental care has been dependent over the years on the advice of those who support our blog.

One story from a man, explains how he paid $6,000.00 for a website.

The web designer took the site for a test drive, the new owner kicked the tires, accepted the keys and waited for business to magically appear at his steps.

New owners are told all the time you must contract with a webmaster to run and provide maintenance for your new site.

The disconnect of not following this advice is similar to having a Rolls Royce or Bentley in the garage fueled, ready to go.

Another story is voiced when someone accepts a free site and lets it gather dust.

“For lack of knowledge the people perish,” scripture found in the Bible.

It is understood why so many sites are parked if we decide to go it alone on the Internet.

Many business owners remain in their coveys afraid to raise their heads because of open season on American business owners.

You can hide from Internet marketers calling from a distant state.

Local marketers who bring fresh baked cookies will flush those out in the open with a sweet tooth.

The higher the price of the keywords in PPC campaigns the better the quality of the treats.

One seminar found a marketer giving away cash to show his clients how important their business was to him.

There’s nothing like good green backs to gain the attention of potential clients.

Clients appreciate the cash and cookies if the business deal can get their phones to ring, seats filled in their restaurant, increased sales and all the other things possible that we do.

Not very many people have the capability of being all things to all people.

Web designers, web programmers, marketing specialists, social media experts, and web masters make the difference working for the greater good of a client.

When we see our clients needing services be willing to make the necessary referral to resolve issues with the phone not ringing.

Enough business is on the web for tremendous success.

Total websites will continue to increase as we all help to control our destiny.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Big and small clients Give Clients Options

Our Stepping Stones. Give Clients Options

Give clients options with value and you increase chances of making the sale.

Your best business presentation will wow potential clients and leave them speechless until they hear the bottom line.

The cost of goods and services have gone through the roof but fair and reasonable compensation is the rule of the day.

Clients who are willing to pay above and beyond reasonable compensation understand the value incorporated in what you do.

Behind what you offer is a customer service department that gets the job done.

A past experience with a used car salesman during college days taught me a valuable lesson.

Selecting a dependable car that would take me from home to school to work and back home late at night was a chore on a strict budget.

Not all used car salesman are like the one that attempted to sell me a car.

As long as a potential sale was on the table my treatment was all peaches and cream.

After the deal was in ink, shortly thereafter a problem was encountered with the vehicle.

The salesman would  not acknowledge my presence on his car lot.

Management begrudgingly resolved the problem.

We have a great opportunity to help others.

*Add value to their purchase.

*Provide extended warranties.

*Bend over backwards to stand behind what has been delivered insuring the product or service functions as it should.

In the dental field, emergency dental care must provide options to resolve suffering for the patient in crisis.

Referrals to specialists give clients options to resolve their concerns.

Sedatives minimize discomfort enabling patients to receive needed treatment.

We receive additional referrals from family and friends of the patient helped through our After Hours Care KC.

Options backed by great customer service earn income for a business that is up and coming.

Increase the potential of your business by providing options to those who buy your goods and services.

Make adjustments in daily routines to incorporate sensible choices for clients.

An increase in your budget is not always required to help those who in turn will increase your profits.

Give clients options with added value and they will grow with your business.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Is It Working For You?

Be at peace and have a great life Is It Working For You?

A question is being directed at a caller by the master of ceremony on a radio program, is it working for you?

When we suggest to others what they should be doing ask yourself this same question.

Minimalism is a discipline embraced by those who believe less is more.

One case in particular on another TV program featured two executives from Wall Street quitting their jobs to pursue normal lives through minimalism.

It appeared insane hours were their operating basis with no real private life to look forward to at home.

Giving back to their respective communities helping others found them in a better state of mind.

This discipline gets you off of life’s merry-go-round where abundance is pursued for optimum survival.

The caller is ready to return to an agrarian society where we live off the land.

The radio program this evening allowed a man to voice his concerns about why we should take a serious look at farming.

He is encouraging us to re-learn the skills of farming to survive possible economic turmoil and mayhem.

There are those among us who have humble beginnings on the farms of America and may not want to return with him to this way of life.

Hard work is a good reward within itself but choose wisely what you wish to do in life.

Living off  the land, growing and eating fresh fruit and vegetables is indeed a healthy choice.

My favorite grocer is Whole Foods with all the fresh produce one can carry.

To date their market share places them at number one in the niche health food grocery stores.

Their price points are by no means the most reasonable but great value is received from their produce and supplements.

What we do in life boils down to the question, is it working for you?

Before you offer goods and services to the public include a plan that shows some level of success on your part.

Success begets success and is required to land big accounts.

The caller hopefully has worked  in agriculture with some knowledge of farming.

Sell the public on the idea you can teach how to farm and you stand a chance to get your point across.

Potential clients see through the salesman with book knowledge yet no sales to back up what has been studied.

Application of knowledge is what starts the flow of sales.

If there is no history of sales in your portfolio then network with those who have sales at the level you desire to target.

Make your next sale by responding with a yes as to whether or not things are working out.

A KC dentist will answer in the affirmative from his major niche emergency dental care.

Can you answer in the positive when asked the question, is it working for you?

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Proven SystemsHandle Stress. My business is Different.


Young boys have long made it a hobby throwing stones.

You envision yourself pitching to a baseball player on some days.

Flat stones skim across a lake’s surface up to three times or more if you perfect your throwing motion.

Rocks are plentiful with a wide variety of uses for a child at play.

At some point children stop playing with rocks and discover their potential to harm when hurled at others.

Emergency room staff share stories of those smitten with stones by friend and foe.

Dentists through emergency dental care also treat wounds of the head and neck resulting from the blows of stones.

Emergency dentists in KC treat the physical wounds but not the scars left behind by those who throw stones.

Writers living in antiquity report the stoning of major historic figures.

Armies storming castles were aware of defenders ability to defeat them with heavy stones as armies pummeled back with the same.

It becomes very dangerous even in today’s times living in glass houses, easy targets for stone throwers.

A good rule to guide us all should be to let he/she who has no sin cast the first stone.

This rule used by us all would leave a lot of stones on the ground where they should be instead of squeezed in our palms and  cocked for  release.

Throwing stones is overcome being responsible for your actions.

There are many ways to throw stones.

Invalidation, criticism, mudslinging, jealousy, envy, hate, backbiting, uncontrolled anger, hostility, and bullying are at the top of the list.

Harder your heart the higher are chances the person is a stone thrower.

It will be very difficult finding peace with a hardened heart formed from the sting of stones.

Dropping pebbles into life’s pond is entirely different energy, watching each ripple form as an intention for what is good.

A teen standing on a freeway overpass drops a rock causing chaos and mayhem below.

This is totally opposite of the stillness principal, releasing a pebble into the stillness of life discovering the good intentions that bring success and peace.

Psychotic thought would be a plausible explanation for such an act.

Mental health hospitals are full of those who have thrown and been hit by the rocks of life.

Teach the value of life to stop the propagation of stones being thrown.

Our young must understand the danger of hurled stones and the valuable lessons that lead to peace.

Start with the young but don’t forget those who have thrown rocks long after childhood.

Discovering the value of life sets the tone in seeing the bigger picture, you are your brothers keeper.

Teach them to have faith in a higher purpose and in themselves to discover you are better than the act of throwing stones.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Summit Climbers

Mount Everest from Site Highest mountain in the world is in Nepal and Tibet.

One of the most dangerous professions on the planet is claimed by the summit climbers of treacherous mountains that touch the jet streams of commercial airlines.

Think of the toughest thing you’ll do this week and it will in no way, for most of us, be so daring as summit climbers of the world’s highest mountains.

Mount Everest towers to 29,000 feet and the native name is Chomolangma meaning “Goddess Mother of Snow”.

In Tibetan the mountain is called Sagarmatha meaning “Mother of the Universe”.

The mountain is sacred to the native people with the summit rising 3 to 6 millimeters or about 1/3rd inch per year.

Mount Everest is moving northeastward about 3 inches per year.

The three faces and major ridges of the mountain were dissected by glaciers into a huge pyramid on the north, south and west sides of the mountain.

Difficulty climbing the mountain to the summit is caused by some of the most extreme weather conditions on the face of the earth.

Summit temperature never rises above freezing, at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

Summit temperatures in January averages -33 degrees Fahrenheit (-36 degrees Celsius) and can drop to -76 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 degrees Celsius).

In July, the average summit temperature is -20 Fahrenheit (-19 degrees Celsius).

Best time to climb Everest is early May before the Monsoon season.

Through mid 2014 a total of 265 climbers (162 Westerners and others and 103 Sherpas, the guides that have helped climbers to the top of the mountain.

Those who have scaled this mountain have become one with the process of achieving their goal to reach the summit under such harsh conditions.

We push ourselves throughout the workweek to achieve our goals.

The difficult things we do in life help us to appreciate our mundane routines.

Mundane routines are within our comfort zones and get taken for granted.

People that operate outside of their comfort zones have a greater appreciation for life’s routines.

Look at the person who trains for the marathons of life.

The marathon requires training and adherence to a quality diet, plenty of rest and optimum nutrition.

For many the training and preparation for the marathon will be the hardest cycle tackled that day.

What is the motivation of a summit climber, body builder who lifts tremendous amounts of weight to change the figure or physique, or the marathon runner?

Within man is the desire to accomplish the impossible when passion and motivation, deep within, catches fire.

Walking in the paths of those where very few are able to tread motivates the self starter to act.

Not everyone including a KC dentist has a desire to climb mountains or run for miles or change the body into a sculptured work of art.

Remember the passion of summit climbers and discover what burns deep within the soul of man.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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Imagine That Performances of a lifetime.Embrace what works.


In this age of information make a decision to embrace what works.

Life can be looked upon as a puzzle with hundreds of pieces that must match up before you achieve your goals.

To embrace what works listen to those who have been where you are wanting to go.

Mark Nepo has stated, “listening has become a lost art.”

He is author of “Seven Thousand Ways To Listen.”

Searching for what works requires you stay in communication with pieces of the puzzle in order to see they are placed in their proper positions.

Listening leads to solutions, giving you the opportunity to give up on what no longer works.

Things that no longer work must be replaced by those that do.

Where the right answers lie outside yourself, seek them to become greater than your current self.

A ‘know-it-all’ finds it difficult listening to solutions from others.

Mr. Nepo tells us the active process of listening leads us outside of the self to obtain life’s pearls.

After obtaining your pearls you are led back to who you are adding them to the self.

The know-it-all is unable to leave the position of self and will not receive the pearls of life that make the self better.

Instead of being able to embrace what works, he/she as know-it-all is limited by their own knowledge.

There is nothing wrong in knowing for the application of knowledge is what makes you powerful.

Listen to what works then apply that knowledge to the best of your ability.

Circumstances less than favorable must be seen for what they are with awareness of their impact upon your life.

Seeing things as they are keeps you in communication with their cause and effect upon you.

The deception lies in an  unwillingness to fix your problems after solutions are made known.

Dental seminars give our team members a break from the problems in the dental office.

For some of us mini shopping sprees are appreciated after our dental seminars.

We learn from dental consultants and really appreciate their expertise.

Production cycles had hit a glass ceiling with some of our dental team expressing concerns about the accelerated pace of our most recent days.

It was true our tongues had started to drag a bit and none of us were certain how to get a handle on our tight schedules.

A game was suggested by our dental consultant to get everyone on the same page to assist a KC dentist.

With new targets met, additional vacation time could be earned.

Not everyone is motivated by cash incentives.

Additional vacation time was just the thing.

Rehearsing the resolution of snags in our schedule made us more efficient removing our glass ceiling.

Consultants will help you to embrace what works after discovering solutions to your problems.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Creating in stillness, Fluidity Of Life.

Fluidity Of Life. Pic taken from Outlook Point Pursuing your desires.

There is an ebb and flow to our life cycles that change moment to moment, known as the fluidity of life.

Busy lifestyles require flexibility within the main scheme of things as your day unfolds.

The fluidity of life makes a profound statement you can adapt to presented problems and achieve the purpose of your day.

Targets well planned find us deviating at times from the best of plans.

In dentistry you will have a very narrow window of opportunity to win the confidence of patients in pain.

The patient has taken the first step to find a dentist in KC that will show compassion for their concerns.

Our schedule in the dental office changes according to the needs of the patients that are seen any given day.

A patient schedules for oral hygiene services requesting a routine dental cleaning.

During the examination, swelling is noted with sensitivity to percussion on a lower molar.

The patient has not been able to chew on the tooth for weeks.

Radiographs reveal a carious lesion has entered the pulp chamber.

The patient has been borrowing prescription medication from a relative to reduce discomfort.

It is best for the patient that we start a root canal to minimize future pain and suffering.

Oral hygiene visits are great times to help patients confront their unresolved dental concerns.

Patients with busy schedules appreciate the courtesy extended in the immediate resolution of  emergency dental care in KCMO.

Dental team members understand what must be done for the patient and shift gears to accommodate the additional time placed on the daily schedule.

Each hour has an emergency slot built into the schedule that keeps us within a reasonable time frame.

No one in this system will be kept waiting beyond what would be considered standard and customary.

A well run unit makes the transition like a finely tuned sports car moving from first to fifth gear not missing a beat.

Some call it rolling with the punches but no one likes being kicked or punched by life’s circumstances.

You win understanding life will throw you curves at times.

The fluidity of life keeps you in the game competing at a high level.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Ripples of expansion are formed dropping one pebble into the quiet serenity of a still pond.

Each slowly expanding ripple takes form after the stillness is disrupted by vibrations released from the dropped pebble.

Your intentions to create what you desire can be viewed in the same manner as the ripples in the pond.

You as the pebble must not be looked upon as something insignificant with no energy or power to make a difference in your existing environment.

In my dental practice, the major intention early on was to deliver emergency dental care to the public.

It was not understood by some of our staff hired over the years why there was a need to continue rendering this service after the dental practice became successful.

There is power in stillness that must be harnessed and used for the greater good.

In stillness you can hear your thoughts, the ones desired for completion of successful actions.

Those who harness power from stillness understand the value of meditation.

Meditation clears the scattered thoughts of the mind for greater clarity.

A refreshed mind that brings space between its thoughts can focus on what is relevant and necessary for the viability of the being.

Find the building blocks to your success in stillness.

For most of us instead of being dropped into a quiet pond, we are thrown into life’s chaotic soup and made to feel insignificant.

You discover the power of the true self, your true nature in stillness.

Discovery with knowledge, I’m here to make a difference, will get you started in the right direction.

It is not your destiny to stay emersed in confusion, indecision and chaos.

Form good messages about who you really are and use them as springboards into what you want to see manifest in your own life.

Free minds are in a better position to help others to see as well.

This was a portion of the message in “The Matrix Trilogy.”

The main character, Neo, when unplugged from the Matrix, found his power and used it to save humanity, Zion.

Mind, body and spirit optimized for total health and wellness is a force to be reckoned with any day of the week.

The pond of stillness is there for each and every one of us.

It is not purchased with finance and places everyone on an even playing field.

Things of the spirit are not looked upon in the same manner as materialism is in your physical universe.

Our universe continues to expand at a rapid rate.

If expansion is not a part of your life, take a serious look at your intentions.

A major reason you are not at the level desired, may be the counter intentions of those who don’t understand what you are intending.

Ripples of expansion come from the pebble being released into stillness and remembering your true intentions for success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.