WE CARE Watching people is a spectator sport we all take part in on occasion. Beyonce Knowles, the apple of Jay Z’s eye is watched by numerous fans. Take time away from your 9-5 job and get lost in a sea of humanity. Many dentists work in the niche emergency dental care KC and understand […]


WE CARE KeepĀ positive energy in your life and you will achieve the greatest of things. There are vibrations that emanate from all of us both good and bad. You attract what is resonated from what you say, think and react to on a daily basis. In difficult markets dentists must maintain vigor and stamina to […]


WE CARE Give clients options with value and you increase chances of making the sale. Your best business presentation will wow potential clients and leave them speechless until they hear the bottom line. The cost of goods and services have gone through the roof but fair and reasonable compensation is the rule of the day. […]


WE CARE   A question is being directed at a caller by the master of ceremony on a radio program, is it working for you? When we suggest to others what they should be doing ask yourself this same question. Minimalism is a discipline embraced by those who believe less is more. One case in […]


WE CARE Young boys have long made it a hobby throwing stones. You envision yourself pitching to a baseball player on some days. Flat stones skim across a lake’s surface up to three times or more if you perfect your throwing motion. Rocks are plentiful with a wide variety of uses for a child at […]


WE CARE One of the most dangerous professions on the planet is claimed by the summit climbers of treacherous mountains that touch the jet streams of commercial airlines. Think of the toughest thing you’ll do this week and it will in no way, for most of us, be so daring as summit climbers of the […]


WE CARE There is an ebb and flow to our life cycles that change moment to moment, known as the fluidity of life. Busy lifestyles require flexibility within the main scheme of things as your day unfolds. The fluidity of life makes a profound statement you can adapt to presented problems and achieve the purpose […]


WE CARE Ripples of expansion are formed dropping one pebble into the quiet serenity of a still pond. Each slowly expanding ripple takes form after the stillness is disrupted by vibrations released from the dropped pebble. Your intentions to create what you desire can be viewed in the same manner as the ripples in the […]