Dental pain episodes. Clean up after antibiotics

Your infection has been managed and now it’s time to clean up after antibiotics.

Antibiotics run their coarse killing bugs causing infection and normal body flora as well.

Healthcare providers are using more caution in the prescribing of antibiotics.

One reason discussed is the side effects from these anti-infective medications.

Shotgun regimens were overused in hopes of reducing the spread of infection.

Use an antibiotic long enough and eventually it becomes less effective.

Pathogens have been around for eons and find a way to survive the best of regimens.

Lactobacillus cultures replace what anti-infective medication destroys in the digestive tract.

A healthy gut is a balance between normal levels of flora and pathogens that grow out of control.

Keep flora under control and patients feel much better, returning to health.

There are landmines in health that should be avoided to optimize your body’s nutrition.

Avoid smoking, refined processed sugar, artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame, poor nutrition and greatly reduce the ingestion of carbonated beverages.

Refined processed sugar feeds certain pathogens.

One that comes to mind is cancer which thrives in the presence os sugar.

A rapidly spreading pathogen is the fungal/yeast complex, very difficult to treat if the patient does not participate in a sugar detoxification process.

Patients who greatly reduce their intake of sugar are in a better position to overcome this dangerous complex.

Normal gut and body flora in general began to return to normal limits by control of sugar ingestion and a good diet.

It amazes patients how difficult it can be to clean up after antibiotics.

For this reason healthcare practitioners are rethinking how to dispense antibiotics to treat various infections.

More waiting periods to see if infection will subside after the extraction of teeth.

These are decisions made by healthcare practitioners and not the patient.

Major concerns remain where patients take the medication of friends and relatives trying to help.

Drug allergies are a major concern, no monitoring of the drug is done.

Patients taking medication prescribed to another patient may create circumstances where too potent a drug is administered.

We caution patients against taking the medication of someone else.

Taken in the wrong strength may not help resolve the problem but only mask it from the view of other practitioners.

Young people attempting to save a few dollars place themselves at risk for a number of problems, allergic reactions being one of them.

Clean up after antibiotics is a first step on the road back to health.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


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