Cosmetic dentures are custom prostheses providing maximum esthetics for patients.

Most people wear dentures successfully after the decision has been made to remove the existing teeth.

There is a transition that must be made by the patient if the dentures are to be worn successfully.

You gain a psychological edge understanding the transition from natural teeth to dentures.

Decisions made to remove the remaining teeth are based upon what is best for the overall health of the patient.

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Patients are seen in dentistry for a wide range of health concerns in the consideration of dentures.

Tooth loss from periodontal disease and rampant tooth decay can make the teeth non-restorable.

Planning the proper size, shape, color, and placement of denture teeth in the esthetic zone provides an important inroad for success.

There is an opportunity for input from the patient before the dentures are processed and finished by a dental laboratory.

The esthetic zone is determined by the teeth that show in the patient’s smile line.

Maximum artistic expression is desired to make the set-up of the case as natural looking as possible.

Dentists guide the fabrication of the case for proper presentation and function.

A major priority for the dentist is helping the patient to chew and providing the best possible smile for the patient.

Key to the correctness of the case is the importance of having the patient see the actual teeth placed in wax, inserted and viewed by both the patient and dentist.

Corrections to the case are much easier in the preliminary wax stage.

Cases fabricated as immediate dentures lose this valuable step for the patient.

Immediate dentures are made for patients not wanting to be without their teeth confronting daily work routines.

Immediate dentures must be re-fitted or relined as the healing process shrinks the tissue.

Lumpy, bumpy gums may take as much as a year to heal and remodel into a more stable base to support the dentures.

Stability is the key to successfully wearing your dentures.

Patients wanting additional support should consult with their dentist regarding dental implants.

This technology has been around over four decades with very high success rates.

Work with your dentist for maximum results in the planning of your cosmetic dentures.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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