Dental Prep for Kidney Transplants
PLAZA MIDTOWN KANSAS CITY, MO. Dental Prep for Kidney Transplants

Dental prep for kidney transplants, helps to minimize the risk of infection in the oral cavity, during and after the transplant.

KC dentists take on a major responsibility, caring for patients undergoing dialysis 3 days per week.

Emergency dental care can snuff out the fires of infection that keep recipients from donors.

Patients are requested by their nephrologist to seek the care of a dentist before they are placed on a list for kidney transplant.

We are informed in my state it does not take long ascending to the top of the kidney transplant recipient list.

The process appears to take approximately one full year.

As an awaiting recipient you must remain within 100 miles of the hospital where your surgery will be performed.

This standby mode secures your position when a donor kidney becomes available.

Going through the process with a family bonds the dental team and family.

The donor’s kidney must be a match before it is received.

One donor it is reported after giving his kidney to a stranger, united by meeting the recipient at Thanksgiving dinner for many years.

Donors in a significant way live on through their gift to recipients.

Medical and dental students learn gross anatomy through precious donations of donors.

Dental prep for kidney transplants becomes valuable for the patient who is to receive a kidney.

Recommendations for those who become candidates for receiving a kidney are as follows:

* Make an appointment to consult with your dentist to rule out the possibility of oral infection.

* Gum disease and carious lesions should be treated.

* Any teeth to be removed should be extracted.

* Maintain a preventative oral hygiene program to include basic disease control at home.

After the required dental treatment is completed, take a signed release to your nephrologist for his records.

This is important because an infection is a major concern in the rejection of the new kidney.

Imuno-suppressive drugs fight the rejection process giving the new kidney an opportunity to become a member of the new host.

To see the new energy that comes after a kidney has been accepted by the host is an amazing transformation.

Dialysis has long been a burden on the patient who must see this treatment as a lifestyle.

To break the chains of dialysis is a blessing beyond belief, ending the pain and suffering of dialysis.

Dental prep for kidney transplants is part of the cycle ascending the ladder becoming a candidate.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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I am a dentist in the Kansas City, MO. area willing to help in the world where dental health care is needed and appreciated. To date we have established a dental clinic in Israel and evaluated the healthcare delivery system in Havana Cuba. Serving my community at this time as a photo journalist also.

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