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Savvy Periodontal Health Why Dentures Gag.

Why dentures gag is very problematic for patients that find it difficult to tolerate material in the posterior palatal area.

Denture clinics find it necessary at times to prescribe medication in order to get impressions taken for fabrication of the prosthesis

that replaces the missing teeth.

Many patients that gag at the appointment where impressions are taken can gargle with a topical anesthetic containing benzocaine

just before the impression material is loaded into the impression tray.

Benzocaine numbs the throat reducing the gag reflex.

Patients are asked to breathe through their nostrils for the time it takes the impression material to set into a solid state.

At the delivery appointment where the patient receives the new set of dentures, a decision is made to remove the palatal aspect

for optimum comfort or remove a minimal amount of acrylic from the most posterior aspect.

Why dentures gag is basically a factor of the upper denture.

Lower dentures that have over extended flanges can be reduced  for greater patient comfort as well.

Over extended denture flanges can cause the symptoms of a sore throat after muscles of the throat are impinged upon because  of denture

over extension.

Bite relationships where the teeth are out of balance and alignment can be balanced and re-aligned to better stabilize the dentures.

A good case is made for restoring the oral cavity with dental implants for patients with problematic dentures.

Dental implants allow the reduction of acrylic gum material to a minimal level and upgrades an oral prosthesis to a fixed replacement.

The reduction of acrylic gum material reduces the symptoms of gagging tremendously.

Not every patient wears a set of dentures successfully also a good case study why dental implants are so valuable in full mouth restoration and rehabilitation.

Dentures have served our patients for many years but will not handle every treatment situation.

It is understood not every patient will immediately be in a position to afford dental implants.

These statements will sow the seeds there is hope and treatment procedures available to you when you are able to improve your oral health.

Why dentures gag is a treatable problem for today’s patients who are looking for greater function beyond full dentures.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz

Why Dentures Gag
Why Dentures Gag

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