STOP THE BLEEDING Emergency Dental Pain
Emergency Dental Pain

Patients come into our office for relief of emergency dental pain.

Some of our patients come from hospital emergency rooms after waiting to be seen for

several hours.

Toothache pain is not seen in the emergency room as a life threatening emergency.

Most hospitals will not refuse a patient who is suffering if you are willing to wait your turn to be seen.

It is understood life threatening emergencies will always be seen before the patient with a dental emergency.

In a dental office the fastest way to relieve pain is an injection of local anesthetic that starts to work in just a few minutes after it has been administered.

The injection is followed up with written prescriptions in the form of antibiotics and pain medication.

Ear congestion also known as stuffiness inside the ear is a symptom that comes on gradually.

Patients will visit their primary care physician to rule out major complications due to the symptoms of ear congestion.

You will also notice over a period of time headaches coming on with increasing frequency.

Depending on the tooth location under attack, radiation of the pain may make it difficult to initially pinpoint the pain’s source.

Tenderness to percussion is another sign of potential tooth concerns developing.

Inability to bite down on hard objects alerts the dentist to rule out the possibility of bacteria entering the nerve space or pulp chamber.

Emergency dental pain at a high level is a fire that must be extinguished in the most expedient manner possible.

This only happens when there is time to resolve the complications of a dental emergency, the primary being discomfort and swelling.

Patients do not have problems finding dentists during normal business hours.

After most offices have closed is when it becomes difficult to find emergency dental care.

The relief of emergency dental pain in the majority of cases falls upon the dental community.

Have a strategy in place that allows the treatment of dental emergencies after your office has closed.

The strategy may be the referral of your patients after hours to one of the emergency dental services you deem worthy to treat your patients.

Emergency dental pain does not have to go untreated in your patient base.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz

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