Imagination's Carpet ride Enjoy NBA Playoffs

Taking time off from dentistry to enjoy NBA playoffs, the

Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Caveliers.

Here we are in the month of June 2015 and the Cleveland Caveliers

are up two games to one.

There has been spectacular play from both teams making the series very

exciting to watch.

Two of the games have gone into overtime to show how scrapping both teams

have been.

When you are down the game shows how you must continue to weather the storms that life throw at you.

It takes tremendous amounts of energy to move forward when the body must be dragged through routine

motions in order to remain productive.

Teams that are highly successful it was stated that win game three go on to win the championship 84 per cent of the time

when the series is tied.

We can all learn from highly successful teams that work in harmony.

Think how successful we would be if our office teams played with similar enthusiasm.

Teams win when they don’t quit and hang on in there until the very end.

The ability to hang on in there presents unexpected opportunities to those who stay focused to the very end.

You need your team mates to become highly successful.

If you work alone no one need tell you how much energy is expended getting through your daily routines.

Before trying to achieve great success work to build the inner man for a stable foundation.

Building from a stable foundation is a good way to generate momentum for a bright future.

You will find similar to the basketball finals some very talented individuals competing on the world stage.

They are winners because of how they come to the game to compete each game.

Their efforts are left on the court so you don’t have to wish about what did not get done.

What you desire to get done is your business to handle.

How you handle what is in front of you to do determines your level of success.

Find ways to stay charged up about life and you win the day.

Life and success are about the amount of energy you generate to get things done.

Generate tremendous amounts of energy assisting those who are also willing and able to help you.

Enjoy NBA Playoffs along the way.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.  http://www.dentist4you.biz




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