Family Reunion


Take time out of a busy schedule to be with family and celebrate life at your family reunion.

We have had rain in the greater Kansas City area for 26 of the past 30 days.

Today on Saturday afternoon not a rain cloud is in the sky.

We are eating Jack Stack and reminiscing about the good ole days of times past.

Memories and family history are shared this day with family members from near and far.

Looking back through our generations, I’m reminded of the best of times.

Family members close to the heart are always with you in spirit.

Close your eyes and you can still see the faces of those who gave you one of your favorite childhood gifts.

A special outing may to this day linger in your mind, that special fishing hole, a trip to town on the weekend or a walk down a dusty country road all come to mind.

Rural roots make old homesteads even more special if you lived in the city back in the day.

There is a bond in families established by those who are willing to take time out and travel to a family reunion.

Burdens are made a little lighter to bear when it is known others care about your well being.

Watching toddlers at play reminds me of the many family reunions attended and all on the mind was having a good time with cousins seen once a year at reunions.

Take advantage of the celebrations in your life that include family.

These celebrations reinforce all the good times experienced by you in life.

Lord knows we’ll cry together at our homegoing celebrations.

It seems you find the same core group of individuals at family funerals.

As a dentist there is usually a dental emergency that will require emergency dental care in the crowd.

Relatives know help is only a request away.

Any event where food is served could find a dentist answering to the call of duty.

Attending a family reunion is a statement you care about other family members enough to come and be a part of the group.

You never know if you may need the help of others and who better to call upon than your family members when the time comes to do so.

The next time you get an invitation to go and fellowship at a family reunion take the time to gladly accept and attend the event.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



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