Throughout the United States you will find the ongoing practice of functional oral medicine.

Taking a functional medicine approach means that we take into account all of the various factors that can contribute to your state of health.

In an article, ‘A Functional Medicine Approach’, it is reported that “Your state of health is as unique to you as your life experience; there are many circumstances and situations that have led to you becoming who you are today.

You’re not the exact same as the next person. So why would a practitioner, a specialist, a clinic, or any other doctors or physicians treat you that way?

Functional oral medicine
Functional Oral Medicine

Dental Patients visit our office at Holmes and Red Bridge Rd seeking quality dental care.

The immediate goal is the relief of dental pain and swelling.

Functional oral medicine diagnoses the patient so that you are more than the oral cavity or the teeth causing concerns.

A patient with heart problems is told by a cardiologist the plaque in his arteries may be attributable to plaque ant tartar on the teeth.

Dentists working in harmony with cardiologists formulate a plan to greatly reduce plaque build up before it enters the blood stream.

Patients using oral irrigation devices are informed of possible food impaction related to their device.

Functional oral medicine may recommend more oral hygiene visits for one patient and for another routine dental visits twice a year.

Workable knowledge of the body and good communication with other health care providers is how the patient improves.

Silver fillings are spherical alloys containing mercury, copper and silver.

Patients who decide to have old amalgam restorations removed should be placed on a heavy metal detoxification program several weeks before and their removal.

Dentists and staff protect themselves during the removal process to not breathe in toxic fumes from mercury vapor.

Functional oral medicine improves the overall health of the patient.

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