Giving your best

Most of our good days come after giving your best to those who appreciate what you do.

My niche is found in the care rendered to others through emergency dentistry.

We are told on a regular basis, dental patients appreciate being seen by our dental team.

On many occasions,  the same day they call for relief of dental pain, patients are accommodated in our office.

Acts of kindness occur in dental offices to place patients more at ease to receive needed care.

Think of a time you had an emergency of any kind and a professional was only a phone call away.

In a 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM kind of town, it takes effort to locate professionals who are willing to work late if called upon to do so.

We treat patients who report having to work a full job and a half after hours if this is the only time slot available to the patient.

Believe it or not dental emergency rooms that see walk-ins refer to our clinic as well.

Referrals are appreciated and the patient is well taken care of and sent back to the dentist of record.

Ask your dental office team well in advance of an emergency who should they call in the event after hours care is needed.

Most dentists leaving town during the summer months, have an office cell phone that assigned staff members  answer in the evening hours when staff have returned home.

Handle the dental emergency of an appreciative patient and you win over a new found friend that is willing to tell others how they were treated.

A positive experience in your operation from the answering of your phone all the way through the treatment process speaks on your behalf.

Your process says you are professional grade, an operation that knows how to handle the patient or client’s business.

Courtesy in the client experience is very powerful in the procurement of referrals and repeat business.

Patients expect healthcare providers to elicit a high level of confidence in treating their particular problem.

Consistency in the quality of care that you deliver, always stands out in a patient’s mind.

Taking the time to go above and beyond what the patient expects, places the mind at ease with the thought translated, the dental team cares.

Giving your best no matter your niche places you near the top of your Google` page.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Published by Artis

I am a dentist in the Kansas City, MO. area willing to help in the world where dental health care is needed and appreciated. To date we have established a dental clinic in Israel and evaluated the healthcare delivery system in Havana Cuba. Serving my community at this time as a photo journalist also.

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