Gum surgery benefits the entire body.

Gum surgery benefits the overall health of the patient. Periodontal health is achieved treating oral pathogens that destroy bone and healthy gum tissue.

Periodontal therapy restores healthy gum tissue destroyed by bacteria deep within the gum tissue.

A major adjunct in the treatment of gum disease are gum specialists called periodontists.

Periodontists are called upon to maintain oral health after tissues of the oral cavity become highly inflamed and/or infected.

Patients non-attentive to their oral health risk the loss of their teeth.

It has been stated tooth loss leads to bone loss. Periodontitis also destroys bone in the early, moderate and advanced stages.

In its early stages crestal bone is loss paving the way for moderate to severe destruction of alveolar bone.

Moderate periodontitis occurs after the continuation of the earlier stage. Gum pockets deepen resulting in 30 to 50% bone   loss around various teeth. Teeth may become loose because there is less bone support.

Gum surgery benefits.

Specialists use surgery techniques that reduce or eliminate inflammatory tissue  deep within bony defects.

Bony defects occur after plaque and tartar release toxins deep within the jawbone.

To treat periodontal disease the gums are reflected away from the teeth exposing sub-gingival problematic tissue.

Inflammatory tissue is cut away through gingival curettage re-establishing healthy tissue.

Synthetic bone grafting materials are used to seal bony defects.

Bony defects are very difficult to reach for purposes of oral hygiene.

Gum surgery benefits the immune system of patients.

After treatment oral maintenance is desired to hold the gains created from effective surgery.

Effective surgery places the gum disease process in remission.

Stabilize the patient with gum surgery benefits, having the patient keep regular oral hygiene  appointments.

Regularly scheduled dental appointments are known as periodontal maintenance booked every 90 days.

Patients remain in treatment under the care of the periodontist and the referring general dentist.

The general dentist will see the patient twice per year participating in the overall general health of the patient.

Oral irrigation is an excellent tool to hold the gains maintaining gum surgery benefits.

Proper brushing techniques, flossing and automated tools keep the basic disease, now in remission controlled in the home environment.

Teeth have a tendency to move from their normal positions after periodontal disease.

Orthodontic appliances and orthodontists assist in moving teeth back into more esthetically pleasing positions.

Gum surgery benefits patients wanting to save their teeth.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Reference: Richard Gilman, D.D.S. <>and Clarence Simmons, D.D.S. <>

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