Hairline fractures in dentures.

Hairline fractures in dentures should be repaired immediately to keep damage to a minimum.

As the acrylic bases of dentures become worn, stress fractures start to show during the normal wear and tear of the chewing cycle.

Separation of teeth and the supporting acrylic occurs because of a breakdown in the dental materials.

You will hear it stated on a regular basis tooth loss leads to bone loss. It also leads to stress and strain of the denture’s supporting material, acrylic.

On occasion older patients come into our emergency dental office with porcelain teeth used in the fabrication of their dentures.

Porcelain teeth wear away bone at a faster rate than what is normally used to replace a patient’s teeth.

Acrylic teeth provide a shock absorber effect, not near as abrasive on the remaining bone support.

It has been observed as bone is lost, the weakest portion of the denture is the area that is not supported.

Usually in the mid palatal area where a space develops under the denture is an ideal place to find fractures.

Solutions to severe fracturing of this area in the upper mid palatal region range from the placement of a metal mesh or full metallic palate.

The mesh gives added strength to the area most vulnerable to fracture.

Stress on the weak area is reduced placing a metal mesh.

On a few occasions the entire roof of the mouth is fabricated in metal like a cast chrome partial, greatly reducing the chances of breakdown in the roof of the mouth of the denture.

Yearly examination of the dentures check for potential fractures and normal wear.

One way to reduce fractures is to reline or reinforce dentures when space develops between the denture and remaining jawbone.

The higher percentage of fractures will occur in the upper denture due to the fact it normally spans the roof of the mouth for support is thin.

Lower dentures have a sturdy, bulky type of construction but are also capable of midline fracture due to a loss of bone.

The loss of bone causes the space underneath the denture base resulting in stress fractures of the supporting acrylic.

Take the time to visit a dental office for examination of your dentures and oral health.

Hairline fractures in dentures are a common occurrence as dentures age.

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