You may find yourself needing a KC dentist accepting walk ins to resolve an immediate dental concern.

An open door policy welcomes those with legitimate dental emergencies threatening the overall well being of a person’s health.

Most dental offices work from a tight schedule with production targets similar to any other business concern.

Dental emergencies are planned into the day to stay on schedule.

It takes additional planning to see walk ins without having high frustration levels.

A patient came into my office from a neighborhood health center.

Frustration at the neighborhood health center was running high on the day the patient came to my office.

The patient had informed our dental team, the health center was shorthanded on this particular day.

In addition a doctor had left his post because of invalidation from a frustrated patient experiencing a long wait in the waiting room of the health center.

Our society runs on a hurry up and wait mentality.

We check in at desks and take a number awaiting our turn for service.

Triage is a concept used in hospitals and emergency care facilities to treat the most critically injured patients.

In a dental office this may include writing medication for patients with infection, pain and suffering.

Triage officers identify who has the greatest need for treatment on any given day.

Critical care is urgent care that will not allow a patient to sit in a waiting room all day.

It does not take all day to resolve most urgent care problems in dentistry when preplanned into your day.

In your own niche find ways to identify how you can keep traffic flowing through your website or brick and mortar business.

This is one way to improve the flow of a business.

Improve the flow of your business and the overall condition of the business improves as well.

Out think the problems of the day if there is a need to increase cash-flow.

Not all colleagues agree with this concept.

Go with the flow of what works for your business.

A business with a high return on investment may need only a few bodies flowing into their business.

Not a bad idea for those focused on rendering specialized services to their clientele.

Specialized services require sincere commitment to the improvement of a problem for its resolution.

Patients appreciate resolution of their problems with no problem to small or large.

It is not necessary to become a KC dentist accepting walk ins to out think the problems of the day.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://dentist4you.biz

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