Working as a KC dentist has been one of my greatest achievements in life.

Early on in my career, psychiatric services became a valuable backdrop understanding the problems we face confronting life through observation.

Evaluating others brings greater understanding in your own life.

No matter the discipline find a way to help others using your talents and gifts.

You achieve one patient at a time resolving a problem and gaining a friend.

A dental office has its finger on the pulse of area citizens.

The tough times our patients experience are the same problems experienced all over the country.

Jobs continue to cut employee benefits to operate in the black.

Red ink on the company books may mean pink slips in pay envelopes.

The more benefits get cut the greater will be the degree of patients in need of emergency dental care.

Any business that is capable of extinguishing the flames of a crisis has a chance of surviving the current economic slowdown.

Downtrends in economic growth force a business to either belt tighten or ramp up production.

Most of us did not have great business knowledge before saying to the world “here I am.”

Mentally you may be ready to get your show on the road but realism informs something was lacking and a problem existed in your marketing skills.

We were taught it takes money to make money but in the book “Thing and Grow Rich,” it is reported that wealth and riches come from ideas well thought out and implemented.

It takes good ideas to expand your income base with a burning desire to succeed in whatever you decide to do.

A KC dentist understands the school of hard knocks, one reason for the information many state is appreciated and utilized daily from our website.

Our goal should be to work smarter and look for information that will take us closer and closer to our goals.

Goals can be achieved with incremental improvement on a regular basis.

An increment of change performed often is the chicken soup of the spirit.

It is soothing because things improve before your very eyes.

Our shortcomings are overcome with small measures taken to improve conditions on a regular basis.

We learn by doing just as a KC dentist.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz

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