Managing Extraction Sites


Managing extraction sites is the duty of your dentist, gladly done in consultation.

Patients who contact us through emergency dental care in KC on some occasions are looking for second opinions.

A second opinion regarding your treatment plan, will make you feel more comfortable, so that moving forward with treatment is not a problem where there may be mis-understanding or more clarification desired.

Teeth that become candidates for extraction are not the major concern for patients looking for more than a removable full  or partial denture.

One question that comes up, “after my teeth are to be extracted why am I needing bone grafting?”

As a general rule tooth loss equates to bone loss.

This is the primary reason why bone grafting materials are placed in sockets at the time of extractions.

Atrophy of the jawbone occurs in less than a year where the bone narrows in height and width.

The goal of your dentist is the preservation of jawbone to maintain the integrity and shape of your facial features and provide adequate room for the placement of dental implants.

Bone grafting materials placed within the socket at the time of surgery in many instances keep patients from receiving additional surgery to build the bone back to  an idea state that will support the dental implant.

This past Saturday, an all day seminar was hosted by Nobel Biocare and The Kansas City Dental Implant Society at the Overland Park, Kansas Marriott.

The speaker was Dr. Joseph Kan, a highly credentialed implantologist.

Dr. Kan’s lecture was on “Immediate Function in Extraction Sites”, a proven concept with high patient satisfaction.

Techniques discussed have the potential to yield improved esthetic results and shorten patient healing time.

Long term studies with 5 to 10 years follow-up show cumulative survival rates of 96.5% to 100% for immediately loaded implants placed in extraction sites for any indication.

No statistically significant differences could be observed in prospective studies with greater than 1 year follow-up on TiUnite implants in fresh extraction versus healed sites.

There was minimal marginal bone change after implant insertion followed by stable or increasing bone levels.

Soft tissue results were also shown as positive.

Immediate placement combined with Immediate Function has a positive effect not only on marginal bone levels, but also esthetics,since immediate restoration preserves esthetics.

If primary implant stability permits, implants should therefore be instantly provisionalized in the interest of optimal soft tissue esthetics.

Managing extraction sites helps preserve bone and also yields greater esthetics.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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