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Mini dental implants are one way dentists are able to replace missing teeth or provide stability for the support of dentures.

In the lower anterior segment of the mouth where teeth are narrow, there is minimal room attempting to replace the lower missing incisor teeth.

Upper lateral incisors are another area where roots are smaller and able to accommodate mini dental implants.

Because of the narrow circumference of these implants there is hesitancy reporting their durability in the molar areas.

Lectures report in molar areas it requires two of the mini implants to support a molar replacement crown.

Dental implant technology in the molar area provides large platforms, wide implants to replace molars.

Premolar and cuspid areas require moderate platforms, medium sized dental implants.

The major concern in choosing dental implant systems is understanding all the variables in considering what implant to use in a certain situation.

Different bone types call for dental implant systems compatible with the density of the bone.

Implants must be embedded within bone for stability.

Teeth may be flared or tilted at an angle to flow with the existing and surrounding teeth in order to provide maximum esthetics.

For this reason implants must also have the capacity to provide for flare, tilt, and angled characteristics.

Ask your dentist to explain these various characteristics in conjunction with his/her choice in making the best selection of dental implant for your particular problem.

The patient in this mock discussion is David, age 54 with several lower anterior and posterior missing teeth.

To restore David’s missing teeth in the anterior where spaces are narrow, mini dental implants will be used.

David has also been diagnosed with bruxism, night grinding.

Bruxism requires having the most stable system possible for the durability of the case.

In the molar area to make the case successful a large implant will anchor the missing molars with 2 moderately sized implants placed in the position of the two missing premolar teeth.

Mini dental implants provide an economical way of replacing missing teeth and  patients must understand the key to any successful case is good treatment planning for stability.

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