Optimal dental health is our goal for each and every patient that comes into our practice.

Our targets for your overall health are a reduction in tooth decay and the gum disease processes gingivitis and periodontal disease.

A variety of specialists help us to achieve this goal.

Communicate with our dental team and we will provide patient education and preventative services for your oral health.

The study of holistic health is incorporated into our delivery system reducing the side effects of pharmaceuticals in the form of antibiotics, pain pills, and anti-inflammatory medication.

In our office we deliver emergency dental care in Kansas City, the largest market in a 200 mile radius.

Advertising campaigns bring patients to your office at times from great distances.

Patients taking the time to schedule an appointment in your office will evaluate you on a first impression basis.

You only get one chance to express yourself in a manner that says to the patient this is a caring practitioner and dental team, willing to go the extra distance for the patient’s oral health.

Distinguish yourself as a proven professional and you have a greater chance of earning the respect of a new patient.

Young doctors coming out of professional school can leverage their understanding of the newest and latest technologies to win the confidence of new patients.

Starting out in business years ago, patients made me feel they were looking for a graying, mature professional that appeared to be seasoned enough to handle their dental concern.

Optimal dental health is the focus of the dental team on the needs of the patient.

Focus on the patient’s needs and you land on the same page as the patient.

Patients come to you for emergency dental care but they return because of the compassion experienced at a time when you as a dental team are needed the most during their episode of pain and suffering.

Our dental team highly recommends automated systems to throughly cleanse plaque thus reducing gingival inflammation.

Automated systems are well designed, very durable and highly effective in the prevention of gum disease.

You will hear patients on occasion say they don’t have time to do all the steps necessary for optimal oral hygiene.

In dentistry we have a saying, only floss the teeth you would like to keep.

It is our hope this message will find the patient listening to our recommendations, saving all of their teeth for proper digestion and nutrition.

Optimal oral health comes with a partnership with your dental team.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://dentist4you.biz

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