Passover dinner is a special time for families to get together and remember the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt.

This evening a dear family member prepared a delicious feast and invited my wife and I to Passover dinner.

Passover is a high holy day with references to it’s beginning in the Bible located in the book of Exodus.

The highest power of all powers in the universe is Yahweh known to many as the God of the Bible.

In Exodus you will find reference to the 10 plagues that were cast upon Egypt because they enslaved the citizens of Israel.

Israel spent many years in captivity under Egyptian rulers.

Yahweh sent a series of plagues upon Egypt because of the harsh treatment inflicted upon Israel.

The 10th plague killed all the first born of Egypt and in the very moment following the act, Pharaoh was convinced to release Israel from it’s years of enslavement.

Protection from the plague came about by the spreading of a lamb’s blood upon the door post of each household that resided in bondage.

The families that took hyssop and painted their door post with blood were passed over by the plague.

At the dinner there is an order of protocol for proceeding with the important ceremony called a seder.

Passover is a ceremony that is best performed at home.

The home is comfortable and well suited for this celebration.

The well balanced meal prepared is a  portion of the ceremony.

What makes your house a home is the love and caring for each and every family member.

There is no better sanctuary than the home to celebrate this meal.

Important points of the evening for me came at a time when parsley was dipped into salt water and eaten by each member of the family.

The significance of this act is to remember the tears shed while in captivity.

The adversity of our hard times should make us stronger.

The energy of the Creator of heaven and earth can be called upon when we are humbled by our circumstances.

Just as the sacrifice of an unblemished lamb kept the Israelites safe at Passover, the son of Yahweh, Yehoshua serves as the unblemished lamb for mankind.

Passover dinner is a treat when it is understood by all in attendance.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz

Reference: Messianic Seder www.messianicseder.com

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