Pediatric space maintainers


Premature removal of deciduous teeth from accidental loss or carious lesions require the placement of pediatric space maintainers in the majority of cases.

Children in their various stages of growth regarding the jaw structures, have eruption patterns throughout childhood.

Permanent teeth in relation to deciduous teeth have an increased tooth mass.

Permanent teeth erupt into the mouth through the space held by the deciduous teeth.

Collapse of this space occurs when baby teeth are lost prematurely.

You would like to see our children protected from injury during times they are not under your watchful eye.

Dental clinics and hospital emergency rooms see a wide variety of accidental tooth loss in children.

While at play during school hours a small girl falls from a swing avulsing an upper front deciduous tooth.

She is age 4 and will not have a permanent tooth erupt into the area for 2 years.

The pediatric dentist recommends to the parents a tiny bridge as one type of the many pediatric space maintainers.

In a similar accident a child walks in front of another swinging child taking a blow to the lower third of the face.

Protect children as much as you can and treat the accidental injuries of life.

Young adults come into our emergency dental clinic years after traumatic episodes looking for an emergency dentist in Kansas City.

We do our best to replace missing teeth.

A major problem noted is the replacement of missing teeth in very narrow and restricted spaces.

The restricted spaces are caused due to the lack of placing pediatric space maintainers.

The esthetic zone in particular, when the space is too narrow, the replacement tooth will not be as esthetically pleasing in the final restoration of the case.

Orthodontics will assist in regaining the space with minor tooth movement.

Re-opening the space is a great way of balancing the smile for optimal esthetics.

The young at heart are enthusiastic about seeing their smile in a more natural, symmetrical appearance.

The treatment can be performed in less than 60 – 90 days.

More difficult cases can take a little longer but well worth the wait.

A well balanced esthetic zone has the makings of a beautiful smile.

Creativity in dentistry has taken us to some very exciting high quality products that beautify and strengthen the teeth.

Consult with your dental team to understand the value of products on the market for bright smiles.

In designing a great smile, pay attention to pediatric space maintainers if teeth are lost during childhood.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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