Powerful statements

Weapons make powerful statements even under glass in a retail outlet.

A dental meeting was held at an indoor shooting gallery, with state of the

art amenities.

In Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Frontier Justice, recently opened to the public.

A manager informed me they have been open for 30 days with hopes of opening

more stores around the country.

You can train on the same simulators that

Powerful statements

policeman use in deciding whether or not to

use deadly force.

Split second decision making is required discharging a firearm.

America loves state of the art weaponry as evidenced by the mass inventory in a facility such as this one visited this evening.

Powerful statements are expressed by a 9mm hand gun placing the bearer of the weapon in a position of

grave and sincere responsibility.

A firearm calls for a high level of training to protect your community and family members from poor decision making.

Gun safety is taught to the entire family.

An instructor with a history as a former policeman told our group it’s what you don’t know that you don’t gets you in trouble.

Enroll in gun safety classes and everyone around you benefits.

Powerful statements are expressed with firearms.

Powerful statements

Make sure the ones you express are in harmony with what is the right action under the laws of the land.

We have the right to bear arms under the constitution but act responsibly.

Impulsive actions can cause any person who acts irresponsibly to take life needlessly.

Ruining your life or the lives of others should make us all think before we act in firing a weapon.

Discharging a firearm is not an action taken lightly especially after greater understanding is obtained through firearm safety.

Working around live rounds of ammunition give those in this arena a chance to better guide and instruct.

Taking sound advice from instructors will keep you safe.

Your finger should not be on the trigger of a loaded weapon until you are ready to fire at a target on the firing range

Make powerful statements in the same manner as firearms when viewed as tools.

From the Diary of my enlighment,

A.L. Clark  D.D.S. http://dentist4you.biz




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