Preparing to receive

Preparing to receive the best that life has to offer is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind.

You will provide your best work to the world after you have received the fruit of seeds sown from your gifts and talents.

Be thankful for what you receive and for what has been and is being done in your life.

The antedote for defeating and overcoming the troubling times in your life is gratitude.

Gratitude will dissolve the negative feelings of the down times.

You will find our dental team humbled by the patients that return over the years in support of our dental clinic through emergency dental care.

There are gifts and talents already in your possession when used to the best of your ability, that prepare you to realize your full potential.

Think of what you do as well as if not better than anyone else around you.

Find what you do that takes you to the brink of reaching your full potential.

If you don’t know what it is that causes you to realize your full potential, take some time and investigate this point.

Investigation may find you interviewing those that intimately know you.

Friends and relatives who interact with you may be able to answer this question or point you in the right direction.

Spend time in stillness and find out who you really are through your true gifts and talents.

Those who have a tendency to reach out and help others are known to have the gift of compassion.

If you like entertaining those you fellowship with on a regular basis, hospitality may be a great part of who you are spiritually.

Taking the time to teach others, find many possessing the gift of teaching.

Many of us are blessed to have multiple gifts, all being developed for the betterment of self and our fellowman.

The man or woman preparing to receive should work from their major gifts and talents.

You stay in tune to the highest power of the universe operating in this manner.

High energy is required to to prepare your vineyard to yield the best quality fruit.

You receive that energy from the highest power of the universe.

Working from your gifts provides an atmosphere of certainty in what you intend to do.

Stable foundations are where you want to build your dreams.

Preparing to receive is a product of high energy and the willingness to operate from your gifts and talents.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





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I am a dentist in the Kansas City, MO. area willing to help in the world where dental health care is needed and appreciated. To date we have established a dental clinic in Israel and evaluated the healthcare delivery system in Havana Cuba. Serving my community at this time as a photo journalist also.

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