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 Nature’s laws govern the entire universe.

These same laws create and control forces that simplify life.

Nature’s laws can be observed studying the natural sciences; physics, chemistry, or biology.

Students that become skilled in the natural sciences learn how to deal with matter and energy.

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A goal that is placed high on the list of many is the pursuit of a quality life for self and those close to you.

It is your nature to want the very best for those dependent upon what you are able to produce daily.

The essence of man is not only survival but to also fill his barns with enough grain to break bread in the worst of times.

Nature’s laws are lessons in universal wisdom and common sense.

We often read the body is composed of energy at the level of the most subatomic particles of matter.

The body and all other forms of matter can be looked upon as well balanced chemical equations.

Nature’s laws keep us from flying apart, becoming lost in a rapidly expanding universe.

You are only limited by the negative thoughts that are allowed to enter your physical universe.

It is also your nature to find answers to the problems of life.

Problems can get resolved after they have been identified and quantified regarding their severity.

Look at a plant growing from the smallest of seeds.

It is the natural progression of a plant to take on nourishment from the soil and grow.

Study the growth of a seed on it’s journey from underneath the soil to maturity.

You would be much farther along if you duplicated the seed’s growth.

Even an obstacle such as a heavy stone does not impede the growth of the tiny seed.

If the tiny plant can’t budge the stone an alternative route still allows the fresh plant to come through the soil’s surface.

There is no other purpose for the plant but growth.

Growth at any level is expansion.

The greater your ability to grow the better are your chances to reach a particular goal.

Resolve our problems in the same manner as the tiny seed forming a plant ready to face the world.

The key is understanding energy and matter.

The small plant takes on nutrients from the soil to become a viable mature specimen.

Through the process of photosynthesis nutrients are absorbed into the plant and turned into energy for continued growth.

The aggregate of matter is mass, the plant’s principle or main parts.

Think of the mass of a mighty Oak tree that develops from the tiny matter of an acorn.

Given enough time to grow, the plant matures to realize it’s full potential.

On many occasions the problem at hand is not looked upon in it’s entirety.

The plant is undergoing continued expansion, it just exist to fulfill it’s true purpose and continues to grow.

Re-focus your attention and energy upon what is required each month to rise above life’s circumstances reaching your full potential.

We live in a world of diminishing returns, be like the plant and stay focused on growth.

Stop complicating life and be who you imagine yourself to be getting the show on the road.

The plant when nourished continues to grow.

Nourish your business concern and it too will have positive growth.

Your time is well spent expending the energy to see what percentage of income has been spent in the most vital areas of your business concern.

In every field or endeavor are good indicators showing average cost in percentile format for good and accurate cost comparison.

Are your expenditures in line with other like business concerns?

Where are they out of alignment with others in your field?

Inflation appears at 4.59% per year and must be matched with an increase in income just to break even.

Nurture your business concern with knowledge of good and accurate indicators for cost comparison in your field.

Nature’s laws not only govern the entire universe, they can also turn around the most troubling of business concerns and grow your business.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.



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I am a dentist in the Kansas City, MO. area willing to help in the world where dental health care is needed and appreciated. To date we have established a dental clinic in Israel and evaluated the healthcare delivery system in Havana Cuba. Serving my community at this time as a photo journalist also.

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