Finding your way through difficulty requires good survival skills.

You can find a way to survive the difficulties of life.

We exist to live the best life possible.

Pursuit of goals allows the attainment of your life purpose.

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The attainment of your life purpose in most cases will not happen by chance.

Very few of us will win the lottery.

Pursue your goals and you can experience success beyond your wildest dreams.

You survive the difficulties that life brings after attaining the end result of your goals.

Our most fulfilling moments are captured in the attainment of our life purposes.

The difficulties of life have a way of diminishing the ambitions of the most able among us.

Ignite a torch to your desires by finding ways to survive difficult circumstances.

Handle the business of today and you are a step closer to your goal.

We survive daily with implementation of your plan of action.

Know your limitations as a human being and work within your present abilities.

You find your way with purposeful actions. Start from where you are at this very moment.

Place all your energy into this moment and you improve your focus.

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” is a 2009 Walt Disney Pictures musical comedy film based on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana which was released April 10, 2009, by Walt Disney Pictures. The film was directed by Peter Chelsom with screenplay penned by David Blocker, Billy Ray Cyrus, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Steven Peterman, and Michael Porges.

The film stars Miley Cyrus, Emiley Osment, Mitch Musso, Jason Earles, Moises Arias, Lucas Till, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

The film tells of how Hannah Montana’s popularity begins to take over Miley Stewart’s life.

Miley’s father forces her to take a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, to get some perspective on what matters most in her life.

In the movie Miley Cyrus sings, “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home.”

The song’s message is about your survival and ability to find your way.

She says, “you can learn to fly, you can chase your dreams, you’ll always find your way back home.”

We just ended the third quarter of the year. There are three months remaining to accomplish targets set at the beginning of the year.

Survive the difficulties of life with the attainment of your goals.

The more difficult the journey, the sweeter are your victories.

Finding your way through difficulty and achieving your goals comes to those who stay the course.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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