Happiness is a state of mind that allows feelings of contentment.

Women on many occasions have been noted buying flowers for themselves.

A woman does not wait for permission from others to experience happiness.

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To the men that follow our blog, have you ever received flowers from a woman after a favor was given or following a special evening?

For those that have even the most macho among us, it had to make you feel special or a little uneasy.

Many gardeners are men who well know the hard labor expended in landscaping.

The giving of flowers has long been a traditional expression of respect and caring.

A person that sends you flowers makes a statement you are special.

Accept them and don’t forget to send a nice warm thank you note if they are appreciated.

Set down the bar bells and place them in water.

The world will take note of the smile on your face because of your gratitude.

I have observed women at check out in my neighborhood grocer. Over the years they explain to me the flowers in their basket are a gift to self.

Men on most occasions buy flowers for the women in their lives, be it wife, mom, sweetheart, and co-workers.

Married or single women don’t wait on others to grant or support their happiness.

Many don’t ask permission to be happy.

Happiness is a state of well being and contentment, a pleasurable satisfaction.

We work hard and deserve to slow down at times in appreciation of the flowers that come to us in our living.

Tough times challenge and test us to become all that we can and should be.

The best part of life is in your slowing down to experience a cup of cappuccino or coco or your favorite glass of wine chilled to perfection.

Not many things beat the solitude of a roaring fire in the dead of winter.

Or Christmas holidays on the beaches of a Caribbean island, yea mon!

Memories of loved ones causes time to stand still after reflecting upon their interactions with us.

Never wait for permission from others to experience happiness.

Enjoy the life you live and life becomes pleasurable.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

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