The human body is not a machine and will wind down due to mental fatigue.

There are days that energy wanes leaving us vulnerable to stressful circumstances.

When mental fatigue comes you can draw strength from the Creator of heaven and earth.

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Some of our most exhausting days come after long hours are spent in the pursuit of our goals.

The realization of our goals in most cases occurs deep into the night as extra curricular activity.

Long after the work day has ended is where many of the rewards of life are realized.

Children practice their music lessons and find after many sessions they develop the ability to master their instrument.

Mastery developed in discipline allows the formation of energy through creative expression.

Discipline allows you to gain control over a system.

The flow of energy through a system stays in the system until it is released in positive or negative avenues.

Make it a point to release your energy through creative expression as a positive avenue.

A professional golfer has to strike a certain number of golf balls to become highly skilled at his profession.

A student aspiring to become an engineer studies for many hours before breaking to attend a fraternity party on the weekend.

Not handling identified priorities before recreation is sought diminishes creative expression.

Energy may transform but it is not lost.

Reclaim the energy released by expressing it creatively to achieve greater success.

Seek wisdom to take the next logical step for success.

Become more efficient as efficiency is a step in the right direction.

Focus on your goals with positive thoughts and actions and you continue the flow of positive energy in the attainment of your goals.

You defeat mental fatigue by maintaining the flow of energy through positive thoughts and actions.

Maintain the flow of positive energy with discipline, creating incremental steps of success.

In any given day there is enough life stuff thrown at us to push you over the edge without some level of positive thinking.

Life’s burdens get very heavy and unbearable at times when we are weary.

Maintain your positive energy validating where you are winning in life.

There is no substitute for rest, allowing our life batteries to recharge.

Drugs, alcohol, and stimulants only place Band Aids on resolution of our problems with fatigue.

Find your purpose and pursue it with the thought you are not alone in your quest.

The Creator of heaven and earth enables you to endure the struggles of life.

Connect to His energy and you will have success.

You win by getting out of bed after you have received adequate rest not allowing low energy levels to defeat you.

Become empowered with positive actions to overcome life’s struggles.

Mental fatigue drains energy leaving us unfocused and vulnerable.

It becomes very difficult to achieve when energy has been drained from your bones.

Defeat mental fatigue by maintaining the flow of positive thoughts and actions in pursuit of your goals.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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