An intense pain deep within the jaw that nags for several days after a tooth has been extracted is commonly known as a dry socket or osteomyelitis.
It usually occurs in the mandible and makes you feel there is still a problem even though the tooth has been extracted.
I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.
Emergency oral medicine requires that a dry socket be treated promptly in a dental office when it occurs in the oral cavity.
Osteomyelitis, commonly known to the public as a dry socket, is inflammation in the area of an infected tooth that spreads from infected skin, muscles, or tendons next to the bone.
Dentists see acute infections of the oral cavity that are treated with removal of teeth, pain pills and antibiotics.
Patients go to dental clinics for relief of pain. Fear causes the  patient with an emergency  to delay dental treatment for months.
Pain relief will drive anyone to seek care to get rid of the intense discomfort.
I have removed teeth on occasion to find the patient back within 48 hours reporting the pain has not gone away.
After further inspection of the surgical site where the tooth was removed, you may find food impaction and a dull chronic ache.
The best solution is to receive preventative care that minimizes the risk of oral infection.
For the patient who returns with a chief complaint, “my pain has not gone away even after the tooth has been removed,” the socket will be evaluated for food impaction, flushed and cleared of debris.
A curette will re-initiate bleeding to create a fresh wound. The wound will be dressed with gauze and a medication that soothes the wound up to 48 hours.
Patients that are prone to have dry sockets will inform you of previous occurrences.
From my experience the wound may need treatment up to 3 times.
Causes of the dry socket may range from cigarette smoking too soon after the extraction of a tooth. It can also be the result of poor circulation or a deficiency in the immune system.
It is better to wait until the next day or longer to re-initiate smoking.
Warm salt water rinses will keep the wound clear of food debris.
For those who experience a dry socket, osteomyelitis, reduce dental pain and suffering by returning to your dentist to continue the emergency treatment.
From the Diary of my enlightenment,
Artis L. Clark, D.D.S. http://dentist4you.biz
Reference: Health Encyclopedia, Bone Infection




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