Your willingness to give and receive brings the blessings of life.

Have a willingness to give the best possible services  and in return receive a fair fee.

There is no need to feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders attempting to be all things to those we serve.

You provide a greater service with the development and implementation of one main idea.

The fastest track to success is concentration on one main goal at a time.

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Observe the business person that is able to multitask with efficiency.

Efficiency comes with intense concentration poured into one major task at a time.

A string of efficient actions done well bring about high levels of success.

Too many projects handled at the same time waste finance and energy.

After a major project has gotten underway and nurtured to bear fruit, look around you for those that can continue the project for greater success.

Turning a project over to those who are capable and highly trained frees you to launch another piece of your financial puzzle.

A sound financial plan requires multiple income streams.

Think how much better in today’s economy it would be having more than one major source of income.

Have the replacement of your paycheck as one of the major goals in the financial plan.

Multiple income streams require the pursuit of goals that will produce income from more than one source.

Difficult times require emotional stability summoned with every ounce of strength you can muster.

In an earlier post a monk was accused by a young girl’s family of being the father of her unborn child.

The girl allowed her family to think the monk was the father after saying she had gone to see the monk.

The true father was a young man she was trying to protect.

The parents went to the monk and accused him of having sex with their daughter out of wedlock.

The monk told the family, “all is as all should be.”

When the daughter gave birth, the infant was taken to the monastery by the parents.

In the worst of times and the best of times the monk kept the same outlook on life.

The daughter finally confessed a year after the birth of her son she had been leading her parents on and the monk had not touched her.

The true identity of the child’s father was made known.

The parents went with the daughter back to the monastery for their grandchild and apologized to the monk.

Again the monk replied, “all is as all should be.”

We as well should use emotional stability to be our guiding light, not getting easily excited about the good that comes into our lives or the circumstances that take us down the lonely road of despair.

There is strength and power in this concept that can keep you focused on the next logical steps for success.

Your willingness to give and receive what the world returns in trade will make you successful beyond your wildness dreams.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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