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Dental implants require quality bone for longevity and stability.

There are ways to give bone the best opportunity to support implants by providing optimum nutrition.

Supplements should be of the highest quality so their nutritional components reach the cellular level where they are the most effective.

It is well known lesser quality supplements do not break down in the digestive track.

Radiographs have shown pills collecting within the gut in their solid state.

When they are unable to break down the nutrients will not be released.

Supplements from manufacturers with good reputations we can trust are the way to go.

Sewer systems report pills found that have not been digested.

I render emergency dental care in Kansas City.

Find a dentist in KC that will explain why quality bone is important in the placement of dental implants.

Quality bone is determined from bone scans and bone density tests.

Because bone is 30% collagen and 70% minerals we must use supplements that replace both the minerals and the collagen.

Collagen acts like a magnet to hold calcium in bone.

Nutrition is carried to our bones through the blood vessels.

Blood vessels are composed of approximately 40% collagen and the ligaments that support the jawbones are composed of about 90% collagen.

When we optimize these supporting tissues plan to provide supplements that increase mineral and collagen formation.

Wrinkles that form from a loss of elasticity of the tissue are reduced improving collagen. Skin is 75% collagen.

You will see what appears to be the fountain of youth transform facial tissues.

Dentists see facial expressions that transform with routine dental procedures.

Supplements give us a very important tool for rejuvenating and replenishing hard and soft tissue.

The teeth embedded in jawbone maintain the integrity of the bone.

After teeth are extracted the jawbone will atrophy down to the level of the apical roots.

Dental implants maintain the level of jawbone in a similar manner as the teeth.

You as a consumer can improve the condition of your bones and joints with quality supplements.

Quality bone will result after the use of quality supplements to improve body tissues that support dental implants.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz


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