Removing silver fillings

Removing silver fillings is a request dentists in KC entertain all the time.

Holistic healthcare professionals warn the public Mercury in silver fillings causes health problems.

When patients come to our dental office asking should they have all their old restorations

replaced, a quote is given that in most cases is cost effective.

Patients are also informed to have their physician run laboratory tests to determine if there are

Mercury toxicity levels in the patient’s blood chemistry.

The concern healthcare workers encounter in removing these old restorations is harvesting the residue

upon cutting them away from the tooth.

Heavy water spray from a high speed hand piece and disposable gowns with special masks

help operator and patient remain safe in the removal process.

After blood chemistry is evaluated fom laboratory tests, patients with no noticeable Mercury levels at times

opt to leave these fillings in place.

Silver fillings are removed for health and cosmetic reasons.

You should also be aware of Mercury levels in seafood consumed.

If Mercury levels remain high after the removal of silver fillings, plan body detoxification.

The digestive tract eliminates 75% of body’s immune system.

You can also spend quality time in a sauna to sweat out impurities like heavy metals.

Remember to replace lost minerals after workouts to optimize your nutrition.

Soil does not contain minerals and nutrients necessary for optimal health.

Minerals and nutrients for this reason are taken in supplement form.

It is a good idea to pursue optimal health before removing numerous or large silver fillings.

Preparing the body in this way provides safety for the patient.

This is a good point to make at the consultation appointment.

The point also is a statement your health matters to our dental team.

Educate the public and you help others to improve their overall health.

Dentists and their teams study nutrition in order to improve healthcare in North America.

Going the extra mile is appreciated by those who benefit fom your level of knowledge and expertise.

Patients come to dentists with the thought of removing silver fillings.

They are pleased to receive the gift of health in addition to tooth colored fillings.

Teeth with questionable stability are advised to receive crowns in order to restore tooth function.

Older technology found dentists restoring teeth with retention pins where over 3 quarters of the tooth became silver filling material.

Ideally, a tooth of this nature is prepared for a crown.

Coverage of the tooth with a crown is a stabilizing procedure, safer for the patient than tooth removal.

Removal of the tooth in this case is not always the best option.

Replacing silver fillings has variables that should be considered before proceeding.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




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