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Repair of Dentures and Partials

The repair of dentures and partials for most cases is done within the same day.

Patients should call their dentist in the early morning to get a case repaired by midday.

Partials made with metal frameworks may require welding to get the most stable repair available.

Welding is necessary where metal clasps have been broken leaving sharp metallic edges.

The average lifespan of a partial or full denture is 5-7 years.

For this reason traditionally dental insurance carriers will replace a removable prosthesis after this span of time.

There are some parts that must be ordered if precision attachments are used as a system of stability for the prosthesis.

Dentistry has many solutions for the patient wanting to gain greater stability for their partial or full denture.

A patient was seen in my office with a lower denture that rested upon two bilateral cuspids, the cornerstones of the mouth because of their heavy root structure.

Lower dentures are known for their instability because of poor bone support and the shape of the horse shoe jawbone.

The tongue engages the lower denture very easily, unseating it from its resting position.

Instead of extracting the cuspids, they were used to gain greater stability for the lower denture.

The clinical crown of each cuspid, tooth structure that is seen above the gum line, was shaved down to the level of the gum tissue.

Root canals were performed to seal the remaining root structure.

With no nerve inside of these teeth, a male member or post type arrangement was inserted within the remains of the tooth.

In the underneath side of the denture, female or receiving members were placed.

Inside the precision attachments (tiny thimbles) the receiving members, are nylon circles that snap over the tiny towers embedded within the tooth.

This arrangement gives greater stability to the partial or denture.

In offices where these parts are not on hand and have to be replaced, ordering them overnight may add 24-48 hours to your delivery time.

Repair of dentures and partials is not always a routine experience because of the additional parts and service required for new technology.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Reference: Precision Attachments Wikipedia

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