Playing to win rise of champions

The rise of champions has been witnessed by a movement in the Midwest we call Royal’s Nation.

Over 800,000 fans came to the Union Station and World War I Memorial Monument to honor the winners of the World Series, 2015.

The team and support staff of the Kansas City Royals were placed in a motorcade and paraded along a 3 mile course.

The baseball team defeated in the American Championship League Series and World Series all comers.

It is mind boggling to say the very least what it takes for a team to weather the storms of other very worthy  teams battling over several weeks of competition.

The rise of champions is a fight that starts first honing your skills to razor sharp focus.

You cannot fear the manmade mistakes in baseball called errors.

We have heard for a long time haste makes waste.

Errors are mental lapses in concentration for the most part.

A ball hit hard spins and takes unpredictable bounces along its path to the defender.

Defenders practice for many hours to minimize or eliminate errors.

In the heat of battle trying to do too much or something beyond your ability is a recipe for error.

Certainty in doing a job comes in the repetition of doing an action over and over again within reasonable time frames.

The number of times an action is done over time builds your confidence that you will be able to do the action again and again under most circumstances.

The Kansas City Royals play an aggressive style or brand of baseball.

They have a deep lineup of hitters able to make contact placing the ball in play, manufacturing runs.

Watch them long enough and you understand their aggressiveness causes other teams to overreact to their constant threat to score in a number of ways.

Your ability, reacting in life to daily pressures in a positive way, is controlled by you and you alone.

How you react to a situation is up to you. Fatigue and loss of normal routine creates mistakes.

Reacting in a negative way to the pressures of life causes you to make mistakes and your business will suffer.

In this example John runs a dental laboratory. The dental laboratory has been requested to produce a porcelain bridge for a longtime customer in one third the normal delivery time.

The laboratory places pressure on its ceramists to rush the job and the best the ceramist can provide is compromised because of the short delivery schedule.

The bridge is found to be unacceptable to the dentist and must be redone within a normal delivery schedule.

The laboratory spends the normal delivery time to correct a problem plus the initial time spent rushing a product to completion.

The rise of champions like the Kansas City Royals starts with getting the job correctly done the first time, minimizing mistakes.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.   http://www.dentist4you.biz



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