Jaw joint pain root canal fractures.

Root canal fractures over a period of time become painful preceded by mouth oder from the fractured roots.

We are reminded that root canals remove the source of nourishment to the tooth when the nerve and blood supply are removed from the tooth.

In most cases a crown protects the brittle nature of a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

Our dental patients are told that endodontic therapy is an investment in your health.

Saving the teeth that you can is a very worthwhile goal.

One way to save teeth is through root canal therapy where toxins are flushed out of the root complex and sealed with filling materials that preserve the tooth.

Patients often after root canal therapy are seen in our emergency dental facility because of fractured teeth.

The main culprits that cause fractures are hard crispy snacks.

Many times it is reported after consuming popcorn that teeth are fractured.

Patients should keep in mind they are at risk consuming snacks like peanut brittle and popcorn.

The last portion of popcorn in the bottom of the box should be discarded for safety while watching a movie.

Root canal fractures cannot always be seen on radiographs. Radiographs taken at various angles help to find fracture lines in troublesome teeth.

One way to tell if a tooth in question is fractured would be to take a magnifying glass and study the radiograph.

Briefly applying pressure to the tooth at times elicits a pain response.

Look for weeping of crown margins to see if fluid is expressed after the application of pressure.

Vague complaints of discomfort in or near problematic teeth for many is a concern.

After antibiotic therapy re-examine the tooth approximately 2 weeks post-opperatively to see if symptoms return.

Symptoms that are not kept in check, should be further investigated.

A final disposition can be made regarding what treatment would best resolve the existing symptoms.

Literature reports in textbooks that root canals are successful 80% of the time.

In any treatment of the body you will find varying success rates for ailments that occur.

There is a high percentage of root canal fractures that result in the patient losing the tooth due to necessary extraction.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





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