Save my teeth.


Save my teeth, I’m not ready for dentures” is a statement heard on a regular basis by dentists.

Patients are aware there is a cost involved saving teeth or deciding to prepare mentally for dentures.

On occasion, the medical community makes a request, due to the overall health of a patient, to have questionable teeth removed.

Patients ready for transplant surgery are placed on immuno-supressive drugs to keep the donor organ tissue from being rejected by the new host.

If you are not a candidate for transplant surgery, the existing condition of the teeth must be evaluated and made known

Cost is one of the important variables in helping to make this decision but not the major concern.

Dental treatment is financed like most decisions that have a price tag attached to them.

Periodontal evaluation determines the amount of bone remaining to support your teeth.

Dental Cleaning in KC Questionable Teeth Bleeding Gums

Savvy Periodontal Health
Questionable Teeth Bleeding gums

Understanding stages of periodontal disease will help reveal the degree of remaining bone support.

Bone support is a must in the consideration of saving teeth.

Patients with an advanced stage of gum disease should consider dentures or tooth replacement using dental implants.

In an advanced stage of periodontal disease, there is no adequate bone holding the teeth in a stable position.

Finding our website through emergency dental care KC, may bring you into our clinic for a second opinion.

Hearing a presentation you are a candidate for full dentures, imay take you by surprise.

Second opinions are highly recommended due to the fact the decision to wear dentures should not be taken lightly.

Not everyone wears dentures successfully. This is a fact made known before teeth are extracted.

Dentists are thankful if the decision has been made to wear dentures, they will be made with the finest materials available.

Patients are instructed by dentists to ask questions pertinent to their treatment options.

Trading one set of problems for another is not the way to transition into wearing dentures.

For this reason, time is spent educating the patient on realistic expectations concerning dentures.

Patients indecisive about wearing dentures can have non-restorable teeth removed and wear partial dentures.

Partial dentures are supported by the stability of remaining teeth.

Fabrication of partials makes good sense if the patient says to the dentist, “save my teeth.”

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark,D.D.S.

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