Savvy periodontal health is desired after dental visits.
Savvy Periodontal Health

Savvy periodontal health is a must for the patient willing to hold the gains from periodontal therapy.

Coming from a dental visit at the office of my periodontist, results of the visit are very positive.

The patient’s role is to come to an appointment with positive energy and listen to the direction of the staff.

Hygienists play a very important part in the delivery of oral health care to the local community.

A large part of oral hygeine maintenance falls squarely on the shoulders of dental hygienists.

The patient should expect to spend approximately forty-five to sixty minutes for the hygiene visit.

Most dental offices take a full mouth set of  radiographs approximately every two years.

Check-up Bitewing x-rays are taken every six months  to evaluate interproximal areas for potential bone loss and cavities.

Periodontal probing documents the depth of gum pockets.

Depth of a pocket indicates the degree of periodontal disease present around the tooth.

The deeper the pocket the greater you will find levels of harmful bacteria breaking down the tissue.

Scalers remove tartar deposits and plaque from your teeth.

Stain removal follows reducing the opportunity for plaque to accumulate on the teeth.

You hold the gains with a good homecare program.

Good homecare starts with paying attention to the basics, proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Proxi-brushes remove debris unreachable by other homecare tools.

Great systems like Water Pik, Oral-B Braun, and Sonic Care will complete your homecare system.

The patient must hold the gains generated from the dental visit.

Most oral hygiene visits are delivered in six month intervals unless there are special concerns that should be addressed  in shorter spans of time.

Oral rinses are used to fight the bacterial levels of periodontal pockets.

Peridex, active ingredient chlorhexidine, Perio Med, active ingredient fluoride, are perscription medications that reduce the systems of periodontal disease.

Over the counter mouth rinses reduce the surface tension of the teeth thus aiding in reduction of periodontal disease, best used after the teeth have been flossed and brushed throughly.

Use this information for savvy periodontal health.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


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