Staying Focused


You achieve your dreams staying focused operating in the moment.

Operating in the moment matches what is desired with the correct degree of intensity.

Intensity matching a burning desire to be successful is a hard act to follow.

Enjoying what you do makes the work easier to confront.

A Television program called “The Profit” features a wealthy investor knowledgeable of what it takes to turn a business from red to black.

American business owners request the profit visit their business with hope he is able and willing to turn around their business.

One of the first things noted when he visits a business is a request for financial and profit and loss statements.

In your own business best practices call for keeping these documents  current.

It would be very difficult to borrow funds if a cash injection is needed to take your business to the next level.

Money is available in the private sector where individual investors take calculated risk where you must put up your personal assets as collateral for a loan.

Hard money lenders are willing to work out deals when they know their money is safe.

Real estate is a great way to grow your income and remains an asset in America with clout.

In the TV show the profit employs specialists to review the books of a company in dire straights.

Not understanding where your money goes will not help your cause.

America has been built on the shoulders of small business.

Small business owners have amazing ideas to get their businesses up and going.

Without a sound business background it becomes very difficult to grow your business.

Emergency dental care KC has continued growing from humble beginnings, however  growth is halted if calculated risk are not taken to stay in existence.

Not every action we employ is a winner for the home team.

“The Profit” shows the owner risking his own money to turn around a drowning entrepreneur.

One of his statements, “I can help you get trained in sales but don’t lie to me.”

Some of the small business ventures have tremendous amounts of possibility for success, but integrity issues keep the owner from moving forward doing business.

One key noted, the profit gets 50 percent of a business and becomes the chief executive officer running the business.

Taking risk and staying focused allow you to see many aspects of potential future deals.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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