Treating walk ins Stop my halitosis

A patient was seen in my dental office and made the request from our dental to “stop my halitosis.”

The basic root of halitosis results from food particles between the teeth being lodged in periodontal pockets.

Deep periodontal pockets are not always reachable by the patient.

For this reason patients hear dentists discuss the need to perform deep scaling to initiate cleansing in areas between the teeth and under the gums, inaccessible to flossing and toothbrushing technique.

After the deep scaling procedures have been completed in the dental office, patients are instructed how to maintain their oral hygiene.

Before plaque and tartar build-up reoccurs, daily regimens of flossing, brushing, oral rinses that reduce inflammation and proxy-brushes can significantly reduce mouth oder.

In my dental office, Peridex is prescribed as an oral rinse used twice a day.

The active ingredient in Peridex is chlorhexidine an excellent oral anti-inflammatory.

Perio-Med is also prescribed with fluoride as the active ingredient.

It is also used as an oral swish twice per day for gingival inflammation.

Patients search for solutions that have healing and holistic properties.

One herbal preparation we highly recommend is Peppermint Oil, an essential oil used as a therapeutic dose, 1-2 drops of the concentrated oil to 1 ounce of water.

The proxy-brush is dipped into the mixture and carried into the inter – proximal areas between the teeth.

People that tell us they suffer for years with halitosis can keep it at bay using this technique.

An oral irrigation system such as a Water Pik is also excellent for flushing debris from the teeth and gums before the debris has a chance to break down forming a slim layer that putrefies forming sulphur type gases.

The oral cavity cleaned on a consistent basis, improves the overall condition of the teeth and gums.

Your dental office provides the best care possible with the understanding, your daily basic home care program is where you gain the most benefit, holding gains made while in the dental office.

Peridex, Perio-Med and Peppermint Oil all fight gingivitis.

Because Peppermint Oil has no chemicals, it has become my favorite in controlling breath after quality and effective removal of plaque and food debris.

Not only is it used in-between the teeth, but its therapeutic dose can be used as a mouth swish.

When patients ask to stop my halitosis, use this information to resolve halitosis.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


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