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Mount Everest from Site climbing.about.com Highest mountain in the world is in Nepal and Tibet.

One of the most dangerous professions on the planet is claimed by the summit climbers of treacherous mountains that touch the jet streams of commercial airlines.

Think of the toughest thing you’ll do this week and it will in no way, for most of us, be so daring as summit climbers of the world’s highest mountains.

Mount Everest towers to 29,000 feet and the native name is Chomolangma meaning “Goddess Mother of Snow”.

In Tibetan the mountain is called Sagarmatha meaning “Mother of the Universe”.

The mountain is sacred to the native people with the summit rising 3 to 6 millimeters or about 1/3rd inch per year.

Mount Everest is moving northeastward about 3 inches per year.

The three faces and major ridges of the mountain were dissected by glaciers into a huge pyramid on the north, south and west sides of the mountain.

Difficulty climbing the mountain to the summit is caused by some of the most extreme weather conditions on the face of the earth.

Summit temperature never rises above freezing, at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

Summit temperatures in January averages -33 degrees Fahrenheit (-36 degrees Celsius) and can drop to -76 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 degrees Celsius).

In July, the average summit temperature is -20 Fahrenheit (-19 degrees Celsius).

Best time to climb Everest is early May before the Monsoon season.

Through mid 2014 a total of 265 climbers (162 Westerners and others and 103 Sherpas, the guides that have helped climbers to the top of the mountain.

Those who have scaled this mountain have become one with the process of achieving their goal to reach the summit under such harsh conditions.

We push ourselves throughout the workweek to achieve our goals.

The difficult things we do in life help us to appreciate our mundane routines.

Mundane routines are within our comfort zones and get taken for granted.

People that operate outside of their comfort zones have a greater appreciation for life’s routines.

Look at the person who trains for the marathons of life.

The marathon requires training and adherence to a quality diet, plenty of rest and optimum nutrition.

For many the training and preparation for the marathon will be the hardest cycle tackled that day.

What is the motivation of a summit climber, body builder who lifts tremendous amounts of weight to change the figure or physique, or the marathon runner?

Within man is the desire to accomplish the impossible when passion and motivation, deep within, catches fire.

Walking in the paths of those where very few are able to tread motivates the self starter to act.

Not everyone including a KC dentist has a desire to climb mountains or run for miles or change the body into a sculptured work of art.

Remember the passion of summit climbers and discover what burns deep within the soul of man.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.    http://dentist4you.biz

Reference: Website <climbing.about.com>

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