Color f success


The color of success is not always green.

In the case of plants a green thumb means you are capable of growing the best of what grows in the garden.

Spring has arrived and with it, the most beautiful arrangements found in nature.

This time of the year is full of new beginnings and the hope that existing conditions improve in leaps and bounds for your greater good.

Peace for mankind is found in the gardens of life.

From earth’s soil we grow the food that sustains life.

Those who toil in soil are not afraid of hard work.

They understand what must be done to achieve success.

A certain amount of satisfaction is found in the ability to expend energy working hard.

The color of success is unwrapped in the presence of hard work smartly done.



Life will not defeat the man/woman that is no stranger to honest labor.

The true mark of a man may be his signature but better still is his ability to get things done.

Never underestimate your ability to make things go right in the best or worst of times.

A garden cultivated and given tender loving care, yields the fruit of your labor.

Your niche can be compared to a garden.

Similar to a garden the greater portion of your labor will be spent in the niche of your choice.

Like the garden, to reap the fruit of your labor, you toil making no excuses if you come up short of your mark.

Excuses are what keep gardens from reaching their full potential.

In unattended gardens, the seeds of failure are sown like weeds.

It takes proper preparation of the mind to endure the hardships of storms.

No garden exists without at some point experiencing the hardships of drought, floods and pestilence.

Stay the course and your niche like a well cultivated garden will flourish.

The color of success is green when you are willing to stay the course.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




We Care



The color of success paints a preconceived picture for the public.

An unfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire existence.  Honore de Balzac

Color is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, green, blue, and others. Color derives from the spectrum of light. Wikipedia

A big area of Cosmetic Dentistry is Bleaching and Whitening of Teeth. The smile can be enhanced  with

products that are safe. The goal is not to over promise what the home care bleaching kits can do.

The key for delivery of the whitening gel to the teeth is a customized tray made in the dental office.

With the tray, you can retreat your teeth with multiple applications to hold the gains made in the

tooth whitening process. The effect of this process can boost your self confidence. Everyone wants a beautiful smile.

This evening after work, I’ll meet friends for libation. I’m going to wear my favorite sports jacket, a cranberry wool blazer. Wearing it makes me feel that I’m going to have fun tonight.

Color is one of the most important tools we have for setting a mood. Think of the colors of fall, spring flowers, a rainbow, and winter’s wonder land. These all evoke very colorful images.

Come and escape with me to a place in your mind where the colors are so rich and vibrant your senses come alive.

The blazer, very classic in style, draws compliments every time it is worn. What was it about that jacket none of my other jackets  could do? The cranberry blazer made the statement,

“I’m going to have fun tonight,” creating a certain mood. But I would not wear the jacket to a business meeting or a funeral. More serious attire would be required for the other events.

Color is one of the most important tools we have for a mood. Colors have traditional and regional meanings. We have summer and winter wedding colors, yet the bride being the main

focal point, still wears white all year round. To set the mood in a room at home, we light candles, build a fire, or now a days push a button and whoolah, the fireplace ignites.

I often shoot photographs in a place known as Kauffman Gardens. The flowers are changed by the garden staff each season. Some of my best pictures are from the colors of Spring.

Professional black and white film has great contrast of color,  one of the reasons black and white photography still takes it’s place along side color photography.

Black and white  prints are timeless. They seem to sell well after the wedding has come and gone.

Color can set your mood and energy level. When we use yellow it adds cheer to a room. Red invigorates us. Cool colors such as sage, green and sky blue present a calming

ambiance. These colors can chill a room. To de-stress think neutrals such as pale gray, taupe and beige which exert a restful influence. They work well in a library, media room or family room.

Set a young, playful mood with primary colors. They’re great in children’s rooms or play rooms. Paint walls dark, rich colors such as deep taupe, brick red, slate gray or sapphire blue to set a formal, sophisticated tone and add a sense of drama. A formal dining room or living room is a good candidate. Avoid bright white so as not to create a sterile operating room atmosphere.

In most environments a white with a touch of rose, ivory or gray is more comforting. Remember cool colors recede, making a room seem larger, and warm colors advance making a room smaller.

I saw a movie today,” Local Color,” about a young 18 year old artist meeting a Russian master Impressionist. They went to the country side of Pennsylvania for the Summer.

Nickolai, the master, said, “Be expressive, life is too short. I was here on this planet.” In nature the apprentice found freedom and solitude where he could concentrate on art.

Nickolai was attempting to drown out his sorrows in vodka. He had lost his wife who he loved dearly. In the loss of his most precious friendship, he also lost his passion for his art.

He had the young lad do chores around the summer home to make him humble to life. The apprentice came to paint and initially did not understand the life lesson.

The movie brought out that art is a common ground that connects us all. It’s the beauty that keeps us alive. Nickolai had classical training and a wicked edge for the truth.

The apprentice could talk about the wind blowing through the trees but did not know how to paint it. Nickolai taught him how to create from his thoughts.

It is unnecessary to apologize for what you truly want to express within your art form. Following your heart will prevent anyone from talking you out of what you want to be or do in life.

He unbraided the young artist’s  thoughts of greatness. The unbraiding was the start of his re-education in mastering his art form. When we have an I-know-it-all-attitude, it’s difficult to

learn new ideas. Do not allow the downward spiral of life to catch you in it’s whirlpool. Stay true to your dream no matter what is hurled at you.

The apprentice helped the master to rediscover his passion. After the apprentice was taken down to his most basic form, a world was opened to him, one of creative expression.

When we follow our passions, we take others with us. Believe in yourself and reach out for others and help them. Finding your way through this world is a very difficult task unless you stay

true to your passion. Reach for those who can help you along the way. The Bible says Ask and you shall receive.

Our teachers leave us guiding thoughts to show us the way.

The color of success for the artist is mastery of his art form.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset. Rabindranath Tagore

The color of success is a well written post that others can use to help light their paths along

life’s journey.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.    

Reference: JC Penneys website