The creative expression of an individual is formed in the imagination.

You have the power to create prosperity.

Take the time to discover what lies just beyond your senses.

There is great fulfillment in the expression of one’s artistic abilities.

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You possess the ability to bring into existence the desires of your dreams.

What you want from life is yours for the asking.

Get what you want with the power of the imagination.

Acquire that which you desire from life through the development of your ability to harness this power.

After you recognize there is power within what you are able to visualize, use that power to create your masterpiece.

The person that has no vision runs into brick walls and decides creating  is too difficult.

Push back the tide of defeatism with the power of your imagination.

A masterpiece is the ultimate design of your creative expression formed with dedication and hard work.

What you dedicate your life to you can and will bear the fruit that you seek.

Define your purpose.

A well defined statement about your proposal for action defines and forms the brush strokes.

Persist in your endeavor and you reach your goal.

The discovery of general truths pertaining to your project will determine the end product.

Some art forms because of their scope, size and range require sound science and design.

Check  design and then check it again and again for your safety and the safety of others.

The more creative your design, the closer the adherence to safety.

Creative design pushes boundaries.

As a first action adhere to safety.

While pursuing a doctorate degree in dentistry it was noted that a considerable number of our graduating classes had degrees in the various fields of engineering.

They were great mentors in the structural sciences of dental materials, morphology, physics and biochemistry.

Engineers spend many hours designing projects that impact the lives of others.

Follow their plan of action in the implementation of your purpose.

They make the world a structurally safer and better place.

Like the engineer develop your project for the betterment of all mankind.

Creation is within us all.

Use your creative expression to create prosperity.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.    http//






Creative expression is released where talent and passion meet.

Creative juices flow for the person willing to express their passion.

No matter the genre, dreams come true when we pursue our passions.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was prolific and wrote in many music forms.

Perhaps his best admired work is in opera, the piano concerto and sonata, the symphony, and in the string quintet.

Mozart also wrote significant works for solo piano. He died at the age of 35, following a short illness.

You listen to his music and feel his passion  as an orchestra plays, Symphony No. 1, written at the age of eight years old.

There is no set age to be placed on greatness.

Many of us are late bloomers due to our quest for careers and the desire to make a living.

Creativity is a part of the human spirit and should be nurtured when observed.

It is developed after tedious hours of perfecting your passion.

Always pursue your passions. Keep a roof over your head and food on the table but do not forget your true strength, the passions that speak to your spirit on a regular basis.

They cause you to never lose sight of their glow even when just at an amber’s light.

Experience enjoyment and fulfillment after releasing your creative expression.

Urban artists were interviewed on a radio program in my area. One of the artist informed the radio audience how fortunate he was to leave his fingerprint on the landscape of the city. A portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was painted on the side of a midtown building in black and white.

The painting is a striking resemblance of the civil rights activist, enjoyed by all that view it.

Where in life would you like to leave your contribution to humanity?

We will all be remembered for something so let’s make it count for what would be considered worthwhile.

Our journeys are long requiring the patience of the the biblical character Job.

Place balance in your journey with creative expression of your passions.

Creative expression is released where talent and passion meet.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

Artis L. Clark, D.D.S.

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