Considering Immediate Dentures


Considering immediate dentures


Proceed with a good understanding when considering immediate dentures.

Dentists diagnose the need for dentures after the teeth become non-restorable or periodontal diseae

has destroyed the supporting bone.

With no bone support, teeth enter an advanced stage of periodontitist with recurring abscess formation, halitosis and loss of teeth.

Patients undergoing transplant therapy are requested by physicians to have borderline problematic teeth removed in order to not jeopardize rejection of the organ transplant through infection from problematic teeth.

The fabrication of immediate dentures start before the final removal of a patient’s remaining teeth.

The desire for teeth at the surgery visit is fulfilled after considering immediate dentures.

Not everyone will successfully wear dentures for a number of reasons.

The major concern wearing dentures is retention of the denture bases fitting securely over the edentulous ridges.

You will hear the phrase in dentistry discussed in advertising regarding dental implants, teeth placement within a day.

The phrase relates to dental implant placement for retention of the prostheses.

Dental implant placement in the jaw bones, provides great retention.

A denture becomes a fixed prosthesis because of dental implants.

Denture adhesives help to bond most dentures to the edentulous ridge.

With dental implants denture adhesive is not necessary.

The implants stabilize the denture improving patients ability to chew.

After consultation, a decision can be made to fabricate immediate dentures.

Patients come to our emergency dental hospital in KC, expecting replacement options before their teeth are removed.

Ideally waiting 30 to 60 days before a denture is made helps to get a better final product.

No one expects a patient to go without teeth for this time period.

Transitional dentures provide patients a non-embarrassing option when teeth are extracted.

It is understood not everyone is willing to spend this time without replacement teeth.

Business goes on, interacting with the public requires a pleasing smile during the healing process.

Emergency dentists in KC understand the desire for the immediate replacement of teeth.

Other than transitional dentures, immediate dentures are a viable option.

Keep in mind approximately 6 months from the extraction of remaining teeth, your dentures will need to be relined.

Relining dentures after the bone has started to settle, refit them to the edentulous ridges.

Until the dentures can be refitted, temporary soft liners and tissue conditioners are used to help support and stabilize the dentures.

Remaining bone can be stabilized with dental implants, reducing the attrition of bone.

Remember these options when considering immediate dentures.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Dental Cleaning in KC Questionable Teeth Bleeding Gums

Savvy Periodontal Health
Questionable Teeth Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums originate from gum disease that should be treated at your earliest convenience.

Periodontal disease and gingivitis are diagnosed in dental hospitals in KC daily.

Patients are ultimately responsible for the condition of their overall health.

Fear continues to keep a great number of potential patients from scheduling a dental appointment.

Putting off needed care may find you forced to find an emergency dentist in KC.

Confront life on your own terms and chances are reduced for managing life from a state of crisis.

Crisis management does not have to be your normal operating basis.

Your choice is made without an opportunity to consciously choose, operating in a crisis mode.

A famous transmission repair company advertises, if you don’t get needed transmission repairs, “you can pay us now or pay us later.”

They imply from their advertising, not confronting needed repairs will still cost you in the long run.

Dentists use techniques that reduce the anxiety levels of patients.

Fear is no longer a major concern in dentistry for patients needing care.

Bleeding gums are caused from a variety of concerns.

Mothers during pregnancy have hormonal issues that cause gums to bleed.

Tartar and plaque along with food debris are removed with proper brushing technique and use of dental floss.

Tar and nicotine leave a heavy dark residue on teeth that also attract plaque.

The main culprit in these issues is inflammation.

Removal of the stain and irritants initiates healthy teeth and gums.

Preventative maintenance with regular oral hygiene appointments keeps problems to a minimum.

Prescription mouthwashes are sent home with patients to keep inflammation within tolerable limits.

The active ingredients in these mouthwashes are fluoride and chlorhexidine.

They reduce inflammation thus reducing gingival bleeding.

Holistic health through herbal preparations also promote gingival health.

Herbal preparations through essential oils have been used down through the ages promoting total health.

Bleeding tissues in the oral cavity should be investigated for more serious underlying problems.

Mouth oder is another sign of underlying gum concerns.

Deep within gum pockets is bacteria that forms sulfide gases, a sign of bone loss.

Deep scaling and root planning removes inflamed tissue, bacteria, and irritants from gum pockets.

If your finger was bleeding for what ever reason, it would be given immediate attention for treatment.

The same should hold true for problems noted in the oral cavity.

Bleeding gums should be treated at your earliest convenience.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.


 Progressing through life.



Progressing through life requires that you use your instincts as a guiding force for survival.

You survive the worst that life has to offer living life in the moment one day at a time.

Your living, the daily work performed by you, occurs moment by moment with a life plan in place to give you direction.

One of my greatest joys has been the journey each and every one of us must travel.

In the discovery of joy along the way is the best part of the journey.

Our dental team talks from time to time of the dental hospital in KC we planned to implement in other parts of the world as an extension of services we provide locally.

Joy has come from the excitement in not always knowing or having all the answers to the problems of life.

As long as you continue to plot your course, basic instincts keep you moving in the right direction.

A movie, “Book Of Eli,” made a strong case for this point.

Eli, a modern day prophet, was entrusted with taking the last Bible to a source that would respect its


Mankind over the years had become so wicked Bibles had been destroyed, all but one.

Eli had taken the time to learn every word of the King James edition, becoming a living instrument and protector of the Bible.

After the physical book had been taken from him, Eli found a way to still get it to an authority figure, quoting it word for word in its entirety for republication.

The Bible represented light in the darkness that had befallen the world, post nuclear holocaust.

Eli used his instincts as he went about his journey.

Your journey will be made shorter understanding you don’t have to go it alone.

Decide to appreciate the flowers you encounter along the way.

There’s something about a wilderness journey where a red rose paints winter’s backdrop.

The thought places a smile in your heart.

In the midst of man’s darkest hours beauty has a way of finding those who seek its solace.

We all must appreciate the good times found during our storms.

A simple candle lit to illuminate your way is indeed warmth to the soul of man.

We find ourselves able to stay the course walking out of darkness into light.

Wherever there is true enlightenment, first there was light.

Progressing through life with a well lit path will keep you moving in the right direction.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

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