Considering Immediate Dentures WE CARE Proceed with a good understanding when considering immediate dentures. Dentists diagnose the need for dentures after the teeth become non-restorable or periodontal diseae has destroyed the supporting bone. With no bone support, teeth enter an advanced stage of periodontitist with recurring abscess formation, halitosis and loss of teeth. Patients undergoing […]


WE CARE Bleeding gums originate from gum disease that should be treated at your earliest convenience. Periodontal disease and gingivitis are diagnosed in dental hospitals in KC daily. Patients are ultimately responsible for the condition of their overall health. Fear continues to keep a great number of potential patients from scheduling a dental appointment. Putting […]


WE CARE Progressing through life requires that you use your instincts as a guiding force for survival. You survive the worst that life has to offer living life in the moment one day at a time. Your living, the daily work performed by you, occurs moment by moment with a life plan in place to […]