WE CARE Poor nutrition is responsible for the majority of human ailments in the modern world. Travel abroad and you hear healthcare workers discussing the desire for more fresh water wells in under developed countries around the world. Fresh water can be obtained for the majority of citizens through drilling a few feet below the […]


WE CARE Leaving a restaurant our party took note of interesting artistic designs parked near the door. Not everyone is struggling driving vehicles of this caliber. China is hosting an automobile show attended by the major auto manufacturers of the world. It has been reported over 400,000 units are predicted to be sold in China. […]


WE CARE Mental toughness is needed to move beyond mediocrity. Mankind on better days rises to the pinnacle of success, on lesser days mediocrity reigns. The greatest of champions with win after win at some point meets his match and goes down in defeat. Life as we know does not end because you are defeated […]


WE CARE I’m watching a television program this evening and entertainers are wearing removable diamond grills. The program on VH l is entitled”The Fabulous Life Of Atlanta.” Many of the stars are shown as personalities who give back in many ways to their community. On occasion in our dental clinic patients who wear removable diamond […]