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My greatest challenge in business has been to hold the line in the battle for a piece of the market share in my niche, rendering emergency dental care in Kansas City.

If your marketing program is sound and strong you will sleep like a baby when you turn down the lights for slumber.

A high percentage of all our businesses agree, how we handle our potential clients through effective follow-up is key in retaining them.

Our marketing plans when effective will make your phone ring and even pre-qualify prospects that are searching for your goods and services.

Throwing money at your marketing plan may find a revolving door in your operation.

Clients enter through your website and exit after no effective follow-up because the campaign you launched had no effective call to action.

It may be that everyone in your operation is too busy to handle or answer the extra calls coming in after a webinar.

One of the key ingredients of a marketing plan after it has been launched and promoted with sincerity is to prepare for the additional phone calls.

New business is the lifeline of any operation.

Assign new business procurement to those with the proper skill sets to promote your organization and get a potential client booked into a service.

All hands on deck requires the dental team in our case to temporarily share job descriptions until the onslaught of increased phone calls subsides.

You can always resume your normal roles in a more normal workflow.

My greatest challenge in this regard has been to consistently make my phone ring and qualify leads.

It seems getting your phone to ring is just as important as qualifying potential leads with dollars in hand, ready to utilize your goods and services.

Day to day operations get handled and so should potential clients investigating your marketing promo to see if you are worthy of their time.

Marketing promo gets your foot in the door for the most part, it’s up to you to close the deal adding value to the client’s lifestyle or business.

Engaging your customers is no easy task as it calls for intelligent strategy through follow-up with potential clients.

“Website Magazine” informs us 80% of online adults now own a smartphone, with 75% of them saying they’ve gone online via a mobile device in the last month.

My greatest challenge will not defeat my will to win.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S.




Dental implant success.


Dentists and patients desire dental implant success that comes when the final case is functional, meaning the patient has stability, is able to chew effectively and esthetics provides an enhanced smile.

Fabrication or construction of a patient’s new smile comes due to the general dentist serving in the dental team as the architect for the overall case.

A visit to your dental office may find you asking questions about state-of-the-art technology that provides understanding for a decision to proceed with this technology.

People are surprised to learn that dental implants and the components supporting their placement are fabricated with robotic technology.

Dental implantology is a precision science with a very high success rate in the upper 95 percentile.

Not very many disciplines can make this claim.

A valuable service offered in most dental clinics is the replacement of a single tooth with a dental implant.

You may start with a removable partial denture to replace a missing tooth but it is not necessary to remain there.

Another option to replace a single missing tooth is to reduce the teeth to small stubs on both sides of the missing tooth.

Reducing the adjacent teeth allow the making of a 3 unit bridge. Bridgework remains a viable option in dentistry with an ideal lifespan of approximately 10 years or more.

Patients are advised to take special care in cleaning all aspects of bridges, due to the fact margins of bridges at the tooth to metal interface are susceptible to decay.

High sugar intake and carbonated beverages accelerate the breakdown process of bridge margins.

You can reduce the breakdown of margins with daily flossing, usage of oral irrigation and automated toothbrushing techniques.

A difficult problem in the reconstruction of the oral cavity is the collapsed bite.

Patients who neglect the care of their teeth for a number of years face to possibility of needing their bite reopened so adequate room is generated to rebuild the teeth.

Dentists tell dental patients, room between the upper and lower teeth is required to reconstruct their case.

Study models that assist in evaluating the relationship between upper and lower teeth are mounted on an articulator for analysis.

The goal in mounting the case is an evaluation to see how much room must be gained to treat the patient successfully.

A collapsed bite develops over a long period of time and therefore should be reopened with care.

The goal of the restoration process is providing a predictable outcome in the development of the case

as we desire dental implant success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

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