Remaining alkaline. Nutrition facts. Immune health for life.


Immune health for life is a goal that should be a top priority for the coming new year.

We are starting the second week of 2016 hopefully continuing your successful actions from previous years.

New year resolutions are fine but the continuation of successful actions should be a part of your life plan.

Improving upon a well thought out plan is a very good idea.

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to collect data that improves your plan for life.

The human body is a well tuned machine given the right fuel, sustains you through the toughest of times.

Weather plays a vital role in your immune health.

Extreme conditions of hot and cold should be reviewed to better understand their side effects on the body.

Hydration is vital to keep your body functioning properly.

You will not perform at your best if adequate fluids are not ingested.

The same is true with a good supplementation program.

The body is constantly bombarded with foods that break down into gluten.

For this reason the gluten free diet is not a passing dietary fad but a way of helping the body to better absorb nutrients from what you eat.

Use the gluten free diet to improve immune health.

Improving health in general is one of the primary purposes of this blog.

Throughout the Internet you will find tips that should be investigated for their validity and usability in your arsenal for improved health.

The supplements that you consume can be evaluated for their effectiveness in your overall program.

Personally a liquid vitamin is easily absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract and used by this writer as a general supplement or multi-vitamin for immune health.

On the site WebMD,, you can find good information about vitamins and supplements.

The site discusses information that will help you decide with a healthcare provider the best vitamins and supplements for specific ailments.

Supplements and vitamins must be taken in harmony with other medications and foods.

In our niche, emergency dental care Kansas City, patients on vitamin E supplements run the risks of bleeding problems and should be taken off the supplement several days before the removal of teeth.

This problem is better discussed with the patient and physician to get the patient back on the supplement at the proper time.

Blood thinners are prescribed to reduce the patient’s risk of blood clots after heart attacks.

Immune health is improved understanding supplements.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Use wisdom in solving problems.


We live in an age where solving problems is a very valuable skill set for achievement.

Problems are inherent in all walks of life. Their resolution is paramount to move beyond them.

The year 2015 is coming to an end with sights now set upon the coming new year.

In a book, “The Richest Man In Babylon,” we are warned to not spend more than 70% of what we earn.

A business is a very vulnerable enterprise left to the trade winds of operating upon just your feelings to find your way.

Take the time to document every dollar spent in 2015 to move ahead in 2016.

Knowing where each dollar has been spent will help curtail unnecessary spending.

You will have an opportunity to formulate a budget so that you can control expenses.

Solid budgets where the spending does not extend beyond 70% of income will free an individual to gain control of indebtedness.

Above all to move ahead in 2016 use 10% of your income for wealth building, improving ability in solving problems.

Nail down investments that yield fair and reasonable gains.

You would not give your hard earned 10% to an amateur if you are serious about building an increase in your income.

There are reputable investment brokers who are able to produce conservative returns in safe and steady investments.

Long gone are the days where money is buried in the back yard.

Time spent solving problems in the financial arena will serve you well.

At some point most of us would like our money to work on our behalf so that there is an opportunity to retire from the workforce.

Be thankful for a job or profession where one day after many years at your post, you are able to enter retirement.

Retirement as some see it will not be a time of no productivity but a time to do those things near and dear to your heart.

One school teacher after many years on the job informed me how wonderful it would be to go back on occasion and read to young school children.

Travel to exotic destinations is also high on the list of many with time on their hands.

Another man after 40 years on the job discussed how he was requested to return to work from retirement because machinist were in minimal supply.

He returned to his old plant as a consultant glad to be of assistance because of his valuable skill sets.

It took young machinists 10 years to learn their trade and hired out afterwards to the highest bidder.

You will never be out dated on any job if you are good at solving problems.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Remaining alkaline. Nutrition facts. Are you receiving? Marketing in dentistry


Remaining alkaline is an optimum range of the body’s ph in your blood chemistry for overall health.

Blog Talk Radio is a weekly program that dispenses vital information for consumers on the Internet.

The station is found logging onto

A wide range of dental and medical problems can be eliminated keeping the body within an alkaline state.

Patients who call our emergency dental care Kansas City facility are advised to reduce their sugar intake.

Sugar causes oxidation in the body breaking down individual cells and body functions.

Years have passed since dental patients were advised to purchase baking soda for the purposes of oral hygiene, acid reflux and gastric distress.

It is very difficult for pathogens to survive in an alkaline state.

A speaker from a video clip was discussing a book, “Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment.”

The speaker was advising his audience to not forget the benefits of baking soda in the fight against cancer.

One comment stated that the body remaining in an alkaline state is able to ward off cancer causing pathogens.

They find it very difficult to grow unless given an acidic environment.

Sugar and carbonated beverages provide a medium favorable for the formation of cancer cells.

At one point the speaker went on to say an alkaline induced state of body fluids is better than the harmful side effects of chemotherapy.

A therapeutic mixture of 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda in 1 gallon of water can produce the desired effect.

Keep in mind one reference given to our patients calls for taking one half the body weight divided by two to get the number of ounces of water to be consumed daily.

Another reference informs patients to not over hydrate in lieu of flushing needed electrolytes from the body.

Find a happy medium and stick to it. The urine should have consistency in color after consuming the correct amount of water daily.

Patients with heart problems such as cardiomyopathy should consult their physician to monitor fluid intake.

An enlarged heart should be taken into consideration in order to not strain or overwork the heart muscles.

Eat healthy and consume fluids to allow normal body functions.

On the best of days normal flora in the body should be kept at a balance with active cultures of Lactobacillus cultures found in probiotics.

You will see common maladies miraculously disappear maintaining a healthy balance in flora that play a very vital role in good nutrition.

Remaining alkaline should be a priority for all looking to reduce potential aliments especially caused by cancer forming pathogens.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



History repeats itself


History repeats itself and should be looked upon as a good indicator of what’s to come if the signs of the times are known.

Study what has already transpired throughout the ages to keep from making the same mistakes again and again.

Our business careers take form over a number of years with the best of intentions to be as successful as possible.

One of my favorite subjects is the study of major empires throughout the course of history.

The major empires over the past several thousand years are as follows;

Israel was a formidable foe in the Middle East because they were favored and chosen as the people of the Bible.

You see history repeats itself through the Holy Scriptures.

The Hebrew Israelites fell from grace with Egypt taking the Israelites into captivity.

Egypt ruled as the dominating power in the world until they were overthrown by the Medes and Persia.

No one expected a power as rich as Persia to find themselves at the mercy of the Greeks.

Persia could buy the allegiance of warlords and kings of the earth.

The Greeks were fierce fighters that ruled the Mediterranean and eventually overtook the Medes and Persians.

The Republic of Rome came to power defeating the Greeks.

To this day Rome exists as a separate state within Italy as the Vatican.

In modern times America has been the major super power. Empires have come and gone throughout the ages.

But like the rest all have fallen from grace and we in America will not be excluded from the same.

Impending gloom and doom over the current world system should be accepted in its proper context.

We are told through the scriptures to humble ourselves and call upon the Creator of heaven and earth to heal our land.

As history repeats itself understand the role you play in easing the pain and suffering of those around you.

Continue to administer what the world will always need and desire, your quality goods and services.

In our niche emergency dental care Kansas City, a plan is being formulated in the event of catastrophe to area citizens.

Prepare a similar plan in your individual niches and homes as well.

Do not be left unprepared due to financial collapse within an empire that eventually meets a similar fate as all the others.

History repeats itself so ready yourselves for what’s to come.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Thoughts create wealth.


Thoughts create wealth so harvest them daily by writing them down on a regular basis.

Your thoughts bring the desires of your dreams.

From dreams you create the building blocks of wealth.

Midwestern States Dental Meeting hosted by the University of Missouri at Kansas City is known for excellent presentations and state of the art technical exhibits.

Vendors rent booth space to bring cutting edge technology to the dental community.

Meetings of this caliber are attended yearly so that information can be received that enables dental teams to be more effective in rendering dental care to patients.

After receiving quality content take this information and study it to improve the condition of your dental practice.

Apply the information on a daily basis to every aspect of your operation.

On your night stand leave a small journal and pen to write down what comes to you during times of quiet and rest.

Thoughts create wealth after coming to you from television programs.

Quality programs can be great treasures for ideas.

Talk shows on the radio, magazine articles, and books also contain pearls that lead to wealth.

As a first action prepare to receive thoughts that generate a positive energy flow.

Positive energy is desired for those who look to move beyond their current conditions in life.

Steve Jobs is a previous chief executive officer of Apple Computer Inc.

He was supported by Hewlett – Packard starting his career.

Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, was no stranger to failure.

He failed in many scientific trial and error episodes where thoughts create wealth.

He was not afraid to try different techniques on his way to success.

Those who fail understand the process of failure can be used as a stepping stone to your success.

We are informed to not give up in the pursuit of solutions to our problems.

Solutions are found as we collect the thoughts that create what you perceive as valuable.

It was Sir Isaac Newton who informed the world to look at problems from many different angles.

Everyone at one point or another desires success,

Wealth is not always equated in dollars.

For some the precious breath of life is wealth where there is optimal health.

Others will tell you we are rich beyond measure because of good quality relationships.

Thoughts create wealth and should be used to improve life.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.







Best of times Having your desires.


Having your desires met is a product of a burning desire to have what you want created from well written plans.

Start a business and take the time to nurture it from infancy to maturity.

Our business was started from giving good service to our community through emergency dental care in Kansas City.

The business was looked upon as a child who grew up and was nurtured on a daily basis.

Ask anyone who has taken the time to start a business and they will tell you how fragile the relationship between its success and failure can be.

Have a strong definition of success to see the business you start grow into maturity.

Success can have a number of definitions but one of them should be framed with the business at some point being a solvent business concern.

Solvent business concerns keep their credentials up to par so that government regulations are met and terminatedly handled for viability of the overall business.

Not doing this particular action is one reason small businesses fold under the mounting pressure of governmental red tape.

Establish the form of your business and have an attitude to see it reach maturity like a bulldog fighting to protect it’s bone.

Businesses that give up, throwing in the towel, usually quit or stop producing because money targets do not get met.

There are more steps to keeping a business in existence than the pieces of a puzzle poured out on a table with the statement, “good luck,” as your only positive motivation.

Puzzles have already been pre-cut or answers known in their resolution, solving them long before you initiate your journey into the abyss of a potential solution.

A business is an unsolved puzzle where you learn as you go to find answers or connect the pieces.

Where pieces connect in a positive flow of ordered chaos, so too does a business concern.

It takes time to enter chaos and figure out the best way to bring order among its parts for the improvement of the business concern.

Improvement comes in small daily increments of positive actions pumped into your business concern.

It is recommended that you settle in for the long haul causing daily incremental improvements to reflect in a business.

For this very reason a balance should be sought between personal family life and your business affairs.

Men and women that marry extensions of self, started from hopes and dreams, during the burning of midnight oil, should take the time to include family in their schedules.

Having your desires met come because of a burning desire to achieve what you desire from the best of life.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Protecting your teeth learning from history


Learning from history is a very powerful way to not make the mistakes of the past.

Dentistry is first and foremost a science practiced by healthcare teams who display the gift of compassion to remain successful.

Understand your patient base to keep your fingers on  the pulse of success.

Success is more a product of your true motivations, the things you do not motivated by financial gain.

Colleagues have shared with me over the years how satisfying their excursions have been giving back to the world in other countries where their efforts are highly appreciated.

It takes a lot of confront on the part of the individual to pack up supplies and equipment in preparation to treat the indigent of the world.

Many citizens of our planet are outside the traditional healthcare delivery system.

Efforts expended in the relief of pain and suffering helping others will always lift the human spirit.

History is a great teacher if we pay attention to what has occurred in the past, be it in our own lives or the lives of others.

Study the empires of the Bible and you will find after Israel fell from power they were defeated and taken into captivity by the Babylonian empire.

Babylon fell from power and was overrun by the Medes and Persians.

After the Medes and the Persians had their time at the top, the Greek civilization rose to power defeating the Medes and Persians.

Greek civilization reigned until the rise of the Roman empire that has been reported will rise again.

You will still see remnants of the Roman empire as a separate state through the Catholic church and the European League of Nations.

The super power of the current age is America that has existed through two major world wars.

We listen to the economists of our age that tell us because America is a democracy it is the weakest of all the empires.

Take the time to study modern day economics to ride out the coming economic storm just over the horizon in view by experts of our day.

It is written in prophesy all empires come and go. Not one will stand the test of time because of the foibles of mankind.

The world is in need of all citizens who understand their true test in life will come because of their true motives to help others.

Learning from history will direct and guide us in the worst and best of times.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Wisdom teeth blues. Badly decayed teeth.


Patients that do not come into dental clinics on a regular basis should learn the signs of badly decayed teeth.

They seem to elicit high pain responses at the very worst of times.

Busy life schedules will be disrupted at inopportune points in your work week.

Swelling and mouth odor are also distinct possibilities.

Openings in the teeth trap food fragments which also cause the release of sulphuric gases, in essence bad breath also known as halitosis.

Given the best oral brushing and flossing techniques, you will not be able to rinse this problem away.

You may be able to suppress the noted odor for a moment but it comes right back with the trapping of more plaque, tartar and bacteria.

This is why you must visit your oral health team regularly to secure the help that will treat the oral cavity, before the onset of badly decayed teeth.

This is a problem that has a cure with regular visits to your dentist.

There is no free lunch in planning for the eradication of dental disease.

Watching what you eat with healthy choices made from fruit and vegetable groups, generates high energy levels.

During examination of the teeth one notable point in particular is the amount and quality of the patient’s saliva detected.

Prescription medications can cause xerostomia or commonly  referred to as dry mouth.

Dry mouth causes teeth to decay allowing them to dry out and deteriorate.

Teeth in this state are more prone to fracture due to a weakened integrity of the enamel.

The enamel is the hardest tissue in the body and if compromised permits the entrance of bacteria into the softer substrate known as dentin just under the enamel.

While decay in most situations moves slowly, it is accelerated by the consumption of high amounts of sugary foods and drinks.

For healthy teeth and gums the underlying bone structure is also important for overall support of the teeth.

Loss of the bone support, usually through periodontal disease, is another way to experience breakdowns of the oral cavity.

Bone loss traps bacteria deep within periodontal pockets.

Dentistry has many procedures that combat dental disease in attempts to return the balance of health in the oral cavity.

You will not benefit from these procedures without routine visits to your dentist of choice.

Make an effort to keep routine visits and you will reduce your chances to encounter badly decayed teeth.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Playing to win


The Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets are hard at work playing to win.

In the war against dental disease, healthcare providers are also fighting a war.

You will find differences in our various approaches treating the processes of dental diseases.

Patients also have a part to play in the treatment of the disease processes caries and periodontitis.

Gum disease and cavities have become very expensive processes to treat.

Ask any patient seeking care through emergency dental care and you too will agree regarding emergency fees.

A better strategy is to schedule preventative appointments with a dental team that keeps disease processes in check.

The 4th game of the World Series was played this evening in New York.

The game was a pitching duel finally won by the Kansas City Royals, 5 – 3 after the Royals scored 3 runs in the top of the eighth inning.

The door swung open with the second baseman Murphy making an error charging an infield ground ball that went under his glove and into the outfield.

Errors are a part of life that come and go in the best and worst of times.

It is an error in thinking you will get by not having to be treated for dental disease.

Practice prevention and the disease processes can be kept at bay and in check.

So true the statement, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We all should spend more time in search of cures for the ailments of life.

There is nothing new under the sun in the war on all diseases.

It seems they are as old as mankind and don’t seem to be taking a vacation from making us sick.

Look to cures that have been on the planet for many years to resolve illness.

Herbal preparations should be studied for their effectiveness in treating pathogens.

Meditation in all parts of the world except the West is used on a regular and consistent basis to cure what ails the body.

Antibiotics have their place but must be used with care.

Overuse of antibiotics causes at times more medical problems than what they are prescribed to treat.

It seems the destiny of the Royals is to continue a relentless journey to their destiny.

Only a matter of time will prove this statement true.

Personally I like their chances because of their relentless will and playing to win.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A. L. Clark, D.D.S.



Improving crown retention. Protecting our teeth.


Protecting our teeth should be a priority throughout life.

Patients want fantastic smiles provided by dentistry’s current technology.

Dentists desire that patients have a functional dentition helping them to effectively chew their food.

Restoration of your teeth expands their lifespan.

This is a message expressed to patients who call our dental emergency care service.

Raising the patient’s dental intelligence quotient helps to improve understanding more is available than the extraction of salvageable teeth.

Understanding opens doors for greater communication regarding a patient’s treatment.

In consultation appointments treatment plans are devised protecting our teeth for decades to come.

One stumbling block voiced by patients is the excuse I’m going to lose my teeth anyway so they may as well be extracted.

It has been proven since digestion starts with a healthy dentition, we live longer protecting our teeth.

The smile can be transformed over night improving the confidence of a patient.

There are a wide selection of treatment options to fit the needs of those on the barest of budgets.

Ask your dentist about transitional procedures to improve the worst of smiles.

Transitional procedures are not offered as final restorations but look great while waiting until finances are available for final restoration of your mouth.

A young patient came to see our dental team for the first time requesting removal of all teeth.

Examination revealed multiple cavities but not all required I mediated extraction.

Teeth that can be saved help to maintain the contours of the patient’s jawbone.

Saving jawbone preserves facial appearance and reduces the aging effect caused by the loss of bone supporting soft tissues.

There is an axiom in dentistry, tooth loss leads to bone loss.

It is precious and should be valued because of the support it provides.

Dental implants require adequate bone to hold and support a dental prosthesis.

Even after teeth are extracted you will find oral surgeons recommending that bone grafting materials be placed in the extraction sites to maintain adequate jawbone.

Bone in the mouth melts down to the level of the tooth roots.

Bone grafting materials greatly reduce the loss of bone.

The bone you save today enables the placement of dental implants at a later point in life if desired.

Mistakes made early on in life in reference to oral health can be overcome taking advantage of dentistry’s technology.

Protecting our teeth is a good routine that will pay you back in dividends with great health benefits.