Before moving teeth with braces or orthopedic appliances evaluate the quality of the bone.

Orthodontists are valuable assets to our dental team.

The assessment of a dental treatment plan requires the evaluation of the patient’s periodontal condition.

Patients visit their family dentists in order to have beautiful smiles.

The smile we are told is an expression of your identity.

The number one expression of your identity is your ability to smile.

Moving teeth accomplishes two things, a beautiful smile and an improvement in our patients ability to speak efficiently and chew food.

A patient was seen in my emergency dental office KC because of spaces starting to show between the teeth.

Examination revealed movement of several teeth, it appeared due to moderate periodontitis.

Radiographs confirmed the initial diagnosis and the patient was referred to an orthodontist.

Before the orthodontist discussed moving teeth with the patient a second referral was made to a periodontist.

Periodontist treat maladies of the jawbones related to gum disease and bone loss.

It is important to understand the need to treat gum disease before braces are bonded to the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment can last for several years.

Before this treatment commences patients are taught proper oral hygiene instruction.

Properly carrying out oral hygiene instruction improves chances for a positive outcome and successful case.

Teeth that are unsalvageable are recommended for extraction.

The goal of dentistry is the preservation of oral health in general.

Dentists save teeth where feasible and remove those that harm the overall treatment of the patient.

Highly inflamed and infected teeth cause sulfuric gases and toxins that form free radicals in the body.

These toxins should be treated and removed form the body to improve the patient’s  health.

After restoring the oral cavity to a healthier state will you be able to entertain moving teeth.

Orthodontists are unable to place bands and brackets on unhealthy teeth.

Unhealthy teeth can move out of minimal bone in the later stages of gum disease.

This defeats the orthodontic treatment’s purpose and successful completion of the case.

Dentists and patients are advised to proceed with caution where there are advanced stages of gum disease.

Treatment plans are designed with safeguards in place for our patients.

Every consideration is taken to also make the dental treatment plan cost effective.

Treatment plans that do not keep the budget of patients in mind are never started or completed when moving teeth.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.

Reference: Haywood Hambrick, D.D.S. <> Orthodontist. Clarence Simmons, D.D.S. <> Orthodontist



Excision of necrotic tissue.


Necrotic tissue is removed from the oral cavity for the general health of the patient.

Patients are advised to not allow their dental health to be placed on hold in pursuit of a career.

The body is an amazing machine that operates under the worst of conditions.

We pollute the body with an assortment of all sorts of chemicals.

The best intention of your survival is the protection of your body and its ability to function.

Healthcare workers for the most part are not surprised by what is seen in hospital and dental emergency rooms.

Some patients abuse their bodies for years hoping to not succumb to the end product.

The heart attack, that has the potential to cause sudden death is no joking matter.

Maximize your years in this realm paying attention to what you take into your body.

The human body is dragged all over creation causing us to question whether or not we receive rest while on vacation.

Treating patients through emergency dental care KC reveals very sick people, ambulatory, yet not fairing very well.

Not doing all that you can to care for the body can shorten your lifespan.

During World War I, infantrymen remained in trenches for long periods of time.

Nutrition was shoved aside following the first mandate of survival, to not be killed by the bullets and bombardments of your enemy.

In so doing soldiers developed necrotic tissue in their oral cavities called Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gfngivitis.

Walk in an operating room and the putrid smell of decaying flesh in your nostrils is not forgotten.

Multiple teeth removed preparing patients for dentures, is one way of detoxification.

The body starts to heal in the absence of infection and inflammation.

There is also healing noted in the presence of proper supplements, rest, exercise, and good nutrition.

Surgical procedures document that the excision of infected tissue and the removal of diseased teeth are good steps to conquer with the patient.

Remove the underlying causes of a problem and the world will thank you.

In my profession patients are thankful after their infected teeth are removed.

Patients feel a sense of accomplishment that relief does not have to be a stranger.

Healthcare workers can be viewed as friends working to keep patients feeling their best.

Take the time to have necrotic tissue removed and treated for optimal health.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Headaches regarding dentistry.


The majority of headaches regarding dentistry are caused due to periodontal disease, oral infections and rampant tooth decay.

A patient has been suffering with a toothache for several weeks.

Pain pills may help in the short term but nothing seems to resolve tightness in the cranium, radiating up and down the neck and temporal areas.

Cold and warm compresses provide a soothing temporary relief as well for those not wanting to feel null and void because of narcotic pain medication.

Follow the directions given for both prescription and over the counter pain medications.

Healthcare providers are bombarded with requests for pain medication on a frequent basis.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has tightened the reigns where laws have been soft in the dispensing of narcotic pain pills.

Pharmacies get hit with heavy warnings if prescribers write vague descriptions on their prescription pads.

Drugs requested for patients must clearly document the drug formulation in name, quantity and directions for the safety of patients.

Emergency dental care KC through our team has written a fair share of prescriptions for pain relief.

Non-narcotic preparations like Tramadol, Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Alleve (naproxen) can be offered as medium or moderate pain relievers.

It is not necessary to dispense narcotics to every patient that request pain relief for the majority of headaches regarding dentistry.

Consider referring patients to pain centers that are capable of monitoring and managing the quantity of narcotic drugs received by your patients.

Patients needing help weening off narcotic prescription medication can seek services at various detoxification programs in our cities and towns usually affiliated with hospitals.

The best plan will always be preventative services that fight gum disease and tooth decay on a regular basis.

The removal of wisdom teeth in dentistry remains a surgical procedure that also humbles many of our young adults before they are treated.

You will not be able to walk away from dental pain and the resulting headaches that keep us up at night.

Cavities that enter the nerve center in teeth cause ear congestion, sinusitis, mouth head and neck pain, swelling, and abscess formation.

Keep these statements in mind so that needed treatment does not get placed on the back burner of your to do list.

The longer needed treatment is pushed to the end of a to do list the higher your chances of risking headaches regarding dentistry.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Getting the job done. Royals relentless success.


The Kansas City Royals relentless success did not start with a ticket accepted by stellar play to the playoffs.

An entrepreneur’s job is to find a way to be successful in spite of current circumstances.

Sports Illustrated ( has noted on more than one occasion the majority of their writers were unable to predict the success that would come from the efforts of a small market baseball team.

Kansas City won a World Series in 1985 and thirty years later struck pay dirt as winners of the 2015 World Series.

In our Midwest hometown we celebrated right alongside the Royals each time champagne was poured and splashed in their locker room.

Apply to your own niche some of the lessons learned fro this championship team.

Practice makes perfect and is a good place to start.

Note the word team comes up time and time again.

You thrive understanding your position and batting order on your team.

Teams with a cohesive band of highly skilled brothers are very difficult to defeat.

The K.C. Royals have a very deep bullpen, contact hitters, speed on the bases, above average defensive players and an aggressive style of play.

These in baseball are all ingredients for a winning spirit.

Writers now inform readers the Kansas City Royals relentless success was due to their ability to wear down their opponents.

They became very difficult to defeat if ahead in the game because of an excellent pitching staff.

Ned Yoast, their head coach, ask his pitchers to keep the game close so the Royals stay in the game with an opportunity to win.

Life Hack, (, through the power of happiness states, “never feel lost in what you are doing.”

The unity of one common purpose to win a championship took the Royals beyond the season’s adversity.

There were times the Royals were looked upon as a team willing to come back from anything.

They were never down so far they lost hope in their ability to overcome obstacles to winning.

View the post season and you watch the theatrics of a team willing to put it all on the line to win their ultimate prize.

It was felt and envisioned long before the end of the season.

Their 2014 season ended with a loss to the San Francisco Giants in the bottom of the 9th inning in game 7 of the World Series.

Use the K.C. Royals relentless success like our dental team through emergency dental care in KC.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Wisdom teeth blues


Young patients in the age group of around 16 – 25 have visited our emergency dental care KC facility because of wisdom teeth blues.

Ask anyone that has been stricken with problems because of their 3rd molars will tell you they can really become problematic.

Orthodontists refer patients for the removal of 3rd molars if the dentition is crowded and space is desired to correct malformations in the growth patterns of teeth.

Wisdom teeth cause more pain and suffering than any other group of teeth in the dentition.

They are horizontally impacted at times causing a greater degree of difficulty in their removal.

Because they are the most posterior teeth in the mouth patients have trouble keeping them clear of plaque and food debris.

The gum problem around the coronal aspect of the wisdom teeth is called pericoronitis.

It is an inflammatory process that causes the patient to not feel well in general and left untreated can spread to surrounding tissue.

Sore throats can be related to your wisdom teeth.

Left untreated halitosis from these areas will make you feel like a leper.

Food gets caught under the flap of tissue that envelopes a portion of the distal portion of these teeth.

A major problem is a foreign body reaction elicited by the trapped food, plaque and tartar deposits.

Patients gain temporary relief irrigating the area under and around the flap of tissue.

A teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water soothes inflamed tissue.

Healthcare workers use an irrigation syringe to flush debris out of the inflamed tissue.

Most patients tell us they experience immediate relief after treating this area.

It was once thought patients do not seek care immediately because of their busy lifestyles.

More recently it is my opinion that patients who are seen on an emergency basis for the most part have dental insurance or some form of payment to receive emergency dental care.

The major reason removal of these teeth is not sought on a timely basis but in the ninth hour where emergencies occur is because of fear.

Fear keeps patients from calling dentists to relieve their pain and suffering.

It is important to realize in modern times a sedative can be taken by mouth  in order for the patient to relax.

Sedatives calm the scariest of dental patients.

Dental phobias are placed in the past with what can be done to assist patients needing emergency dental care KC in the form of wisdom teeth blues.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Playing to win rise of champions


The rise of champions has been witnessed by a movement in the Midwest we call Royal’s Nation.

Over 800,000 fans came to the Union Station and World War I Memorial Monument to honor the winners of the World Series, 2015.

The team and support staff of the Kansas City Royals were placed in a motorcade and paraded along a 3 mile course.

The baseball team defeated in the American Championship League Series and World Series all comers.

It is mind boggling to say the very least what it takes for a team to weather the storms of other very worthy  teams battling over several weeks of competition.

The rise of champions is a fight that starts first honing your skills to razor sharp focus.

You cannot fear the manmade mistakes in baseball called errors.

We have heard for a long time haste makes waste.

Errors are mental lapses in concentration for the most part.

A ball hit hard spins and takes unpredictable bounces along its path to the defender.

Defenders practice for many hours to minimize or eliminate errors.

In the heat of battle trying to do too much or something beyond your ability is a recipe for error.

Certainty in doing a job comes in the repetition of doing an action over and over again within reasonable time frames.

The number of times an action is done over time builds your confidence that you will be able to do the action again and again under most circumstances.

The Kansas City Royals play an aggressive style or brand of baseball.

They have a deep lineup of hitters able to make contact placing the ball in play, manufacturing runs.

Watch them long enough and you understand their aggressiveness causes other teams to overreact to their constant threat to score in a number of ways.

Your ability, reacting in life to daily pressures in a positive way, is controlled by you and you alone.

How you react to a situation is up to you. Fatigue and loss of normal routine creates mistakes.

Reacting in a negative way to the pressures of life causes you to make mistakes and your business will suffer.

In this example John runs a dental laboratory. The dental laboratory has been requested to produce a porcelain bridge for a longtime customer in one third the normal delivery time.

The laboratory places pressure on its ceramists to rush the job and the best the ceramist can provide is compromised because of the short delivery schedule.

The bridge is found to be unacceptable to the dentist and must be redone within a normal delivery schedule.

The laboratory spends the normal delivery time to correct a problem plus the initial time spent rushing a product to completion.

The rise of champions like the Kansas City Royals starts with getting the job correctly done the first time, minimizing mistakes.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Getting the job done.


Getting the job done by giving your very best to the world energizes all that you do.

At this very moment while watching the 2015 World Series, the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals,

my thoughts drift back to the 14 inning baseball game played yesterday.

The extra innings found the Kansas City Royals coming from behind to take the lead and go on to finally win the game.

A see – saw battle between the mound and batter, offense and defense made for a most interesting game.

You don’t have to hit the ball out of the park each up at bat to remain successful in life.

Success is a function of staying focused to keep your eye on the ball.

You must see the ball to strike your target.

Strike enough of your immediate targets and you reach your stated goal.

The challenges of life are met getting the job done.

Jobs get done not giving up on yourself or those who you identify as team mates.

Solutions are available to those who do not quit.

They are found after believing and having faith you can make a difference.

Make a difference in the lives of others and you make a difference in your own life.

One of the universal laws most appropriate in making the difference vital to your success is the law of cause and effect.

You are either the effect of what comes at you or the cause of the solutions that will come believing to be worthy of them.

Those who cause the changes that effectively take us where we want to go are sought by the best of teams in any arena.

Keep your confidence level high and good things will arrive at your door.

Listen to the inner voice that says bring it.

Cause life’s increases with daily incremental success.

Incremental increases that are doable should be noteworthy and duplicatable by the entire team.

This is the under current of a team in any niche that is hard to beat.

My niche is emergency dental care where you find plenty of room for anyone willing to do the work.

In your own niche find the need or critical points that you can have an immediate impact upon.

Be willing to put in the work and get after that which you seek.

Getting the job done is within your reach, don’t stop now.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




Crucibles of life Nursing home dental care.


Nursing home dental care is delivered by our dental team.

Our goal is to provide a basic service that is not only cost effective but functional as well.

Patients in nursing homes appreciate solutions to their problems the same as anyone else.

It is my opinion exotic procedures requiring multiple appointments are not always the best option for the patient.

Patients with compromised mobility may not fair as well when removed from the comfort of their nursing home environment.

Over the years we have  found the delivery of basic services is most desired.

Basic services are the most desired treatment due to the difficulty involved treating this patient group.

The patient wearing a problematic lower denture may need the additional stabilization of 2 strategically placed dental implants.

Neglect of oral health before the patient’s arrival at the nursing home may present the symptoms of multiple carious lesions.

Limited  finance calls for actions that reduce pain and suffering.

The most vital priorities will be the treatment of symptoms causing infection and discomfort.

There have been occasions patients on gurneys are not in the best position for the ideal dental care delivery systems.

Some of my most difficult treatment visits have been to patients humbled by life’s traumatic episodes.

Patients who may not  be aware of your efforts to resolve their problems, are treated with the best of care.

Appreciation by the patient is not always the end product of the treatment visit.

It is better for the healthcare provider to stay motivated in knowing the service delivered is of great value.

Patients suffering from dental problems in nursing homes may bear the burden of their problem for many months if the problem does not get articulated to the staff.

Not all patients have regular visits from family members that communicate their concerns to the nursing staff.

Regular check-ups are a premium service in the prevention of emergency dental services.

Nursing homes spend tons of hours taking patients to hospitals for emergency care.

It would be a major win for nursing homes to take time out and provide more preventative care for their patients.

It is highly recommended healthcare providers work with nursing homes as first line defense in the  treatment of emergency care.

We win working together for the greater good of the patient.

No one has all the answers to the problems that plague mankind but together we render what is needed for nursing home dental care.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



In your own way


Life eventually teaches us, you will not progress if you are in your own way.

To succeed in life requires a patent, unencumbered flow of energy into the project you are attempting to build.

Can you think of a time everything was ready to go but for some reason your project de-railed before it got up to speed?

Like the coyote chasing the roadrunner, some days seem to not go right in spite of the best of well laid plans.

Even a coyote can have his meal if he stops trying so hard and just allows the flow of things to develop in the true rhythm of life.

Some things can’t be forced into creation no matter how hard you try to have them.

What you are willing to create comes after tons of hard work and enough thought to form the content of your creation on paper.

You may find the artist slowly formulating a masterpiece before your very eyes is the hardest working person in the room.

Your masterpiece comes after many hours of blood, sweat and more of the same.

A blog had been in the mind for quite some time but could not create itself from nothing.

Someone had to take the time to lay it out and develop the content that would hopefully be read by the worldwide web.

We all know you will not be discovered by your readers if something is not presented that is worthy of being read.

When you are in your own way, time is not made available to do the things that are most needed for your success.

Most of us get in our own way, too busy to have the success of our dreams.

Real dreams come to you for their ultimate attainment.

It is up to you whether their attainment becomes a reality.

If schedules must be redone and prioritized so be it. Learn the two letter word that frees more time than an avalanche freeing snow from a steep mountain.

The word is “no” stated to those whose plans do not align with your dream you have decided to manifest from the spiritual side to the physical side of life.

No is a word with a lot of fire power behind it.

You are freed to achieve the most intimate desires of life, your dreams.

Are you in your own way when it is time to progress beyond mediocrity?

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



What are you dreaming?


Ask yourself the question, what are you dreaming?

Answer after restful slumber and you may find yourself in harmony with universal blessings.

There is always something to be thankful for if looking from within the positive side of life.

Living on the dark side of the moon may yield a different story.

Gloomy surroundings may envelope the strongest of individuals if not balanced with enough positive energy.

Negativity lurks all around us if you choose to indulge.

Leave our counselors, those equipped to help pull mankind from their abyss, to defeat negativity.

In the meantime be careful to not weigh your fellowman down with unnecessary stresses and strains.

It seems to be the way of the world adding to the problems of the day.

Vindictiveness and revenge are best left not a part of the thought processes of mankind.

Expending valuable mental energy getting back at one who has wronged you takes energy from a positive endeavor.

Use the energy that you have to help others, helping to make the world go around or ruin the moment for yourself and someone else.

There is a universal connectiveness to all things.

Understand this and you reach out to help those in need.

You never know when the help you are willing to give may be needed by you at some point.

It’s all the same energy, choose well what you do with it for you will be held accountable in the end.

At the top of my list when goals are elusive is a good communication cycle.

Get in touch with everyone that can help to advance your cause.

Above all stay in tune with self connecting to your dreams.

Dreams and the imagination travel around the universe, free to take you wherever you want to go.

This is why the imagination is looked upon as your most powerful force.

You cannot contain the imagination in a physical space or place.

It has the freedom to move beyond the boundaries that limit our physical bodies.

Genius is rooted in an active imagination where thinkers roam and creative juices flow.

What an experience it must have been to travel throughout the early frontier lands, where thinkers, like buffalo roamed?

It took a lot of ingenuity to traverse mountain peaks, swift rapids and fear of the unknown.

Like the explorers of old we too must conquer our fears to climb the summits of life and forge mighty streams of despair.

Take the time to answer for yourself, what are you dreaming? When you slumber, in restful sleep is where you receive answers to the problems of life.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.