Treating walk ins









Treating walk ins


Treating walk ins is a desire in our dental office where potential patients come with hope of being seen no matter how busy our dental team appears to be at any given time.

The accommodation of treating those that have suffered all night is really appreciated by the majority of individuals looking for emergency dental care KC at any given time.

In the Midwest we have just come out of the doldrums of winter and are ready for the refreshing colors of a blooming Spring.

Patients seen in our operation make us feel our efforts are appreciated like the anticipation of warm weather after a long winter hibernation.

In the Midwest are the best of both worlds with four very different seasons.

Each season has so much to offer for nature’s enthusiasts.

Packing away heavy coats and scarfs for the time being is welcomed seeing the thermometer hit 84 degrees fahrenheit today.

The warm weather also brings patients out who look for dentists willing to see them stat.

There is a plan for those who drop by our dental office if they are willing to undergo a brief waiting period.

Patients scheduled for the day are still seen as emergencies are worked into the schedule.

Springtime brings with it a renewed energy of fresh starts and the promise of good things to come.

A good office triage system in place resolves the long wait of a patient who has been up all night.

At minimum this patient will receive local anesthetic to reduce the discomfort level.

Who wouldn’t appreciate this quality of care making everyone who enters feel something can be done about their problem?

Referrals to specialists are also a part of our triage efforts keeping the patient moving along a treatment continuum that resolves the patient’s problem.

The goal of emergency dental care is the resolution of the patient’s problem.

The patient experience should be pleasant and not one with a hard sell approach during relief of pain.

You have one opportunity to reach a wow factor for the patient in front of you.

These are times of feast or famine all depending upon a strong marketing plan.

Strong marketing plans keep your operation stable and viable for the long haul.

Concentration with strong focus will get you through the most difficult of days.

Good teams welcome a challenge that makes the entire team stronger.

Treating walk ins challenges your team triage system.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Attainable Goals Pasadena's Rose Parade 2015

PASADENA’S ROSE PARADE 2015 Attainable Goals

Attainable goals are within your reach each and every day you decide your problems are worth solving.

Problems appear elusive when not given enough time to solve them.

Every problem at its inception also has solutions that can be revealed first asking the correct questions.

As a general rule most of us jump head first into what is called problems resolution.

Your first order of business is to ask questions to assess whether the problem is worth the time to solve.

If you determine the problem is worth solving then solutions can be generated.

Understanding why you want to solve the problem is a good starting point.

Break the problem down into all its various components to get at the heart of the true problem identified.

Problem solvers that understand the problem they are up against are able to define its objectives with measurable

and specific parameters.

Objectives that are measurable and specific keep you informed of progress towards completion of a problem.

Breaking a problem down reveals subordinate issues that must also be resolved to initiate a positive flow

towards resolution of the major problem.

Results that are specific and measurable are realistically obtainable.

A man plots a course from a town in the Midwest to a city on the West coast in Southern California.

He can determine the time of his arrival to his destination, a specific target and the number of miles that

will be traveled, the other measurable objective.

Keep objectives specific and measurable to achieve that which you set out to accomplish.

Before solutions are achieved objectives must first be identified that are specific and measurable.

In our niche emergency dental care in KC several of our objectives are charted on graphs.

Our numbers are compared on various charts to determine if progress is occurring from our marketing efforts.

Elaborate dashboards may be your ultimate goal but simple charting on a weekly basis keep you

knowledgeable about important aspects of your business.

Comparing your numbers from week to week can direct energy to reinforce areas of the business

needing improvement.

A problem found in this manner is discovered before it drags down certain departments in your operation.

Staff can be pulled from one area to another improving a weak area.

Only days pass while a weak area is reinforced or repaired yielding greater stability in your operation.

Problems not identified go on unnoticed until things deteriorate causing further problems.

Attainable goals are yours gaining control from objectives that are specific and measurable.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.






Sugar's Addictive Nature Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are used to fight illness Gluten free.

Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Gluten Free Sugar’s addictive nature.

Sugar’s addictive nature is woven into the very fabric of the American way of life.

Not everyone in the world is addicted to sugar the way we cling to it.

A story comes to mind of an American citizen who ventured to Africa for a prolonged stay.

The woman was very gifted in the field of baking.

One day she decided to try and make a go at setting up a baking goods stand at one of the local markets.

She prepared a delicious display of corn muffins and red jelly glazed, sugar donuts.

At the end of the day all the corn muffins sold out with the woman wishing she had made more

for the market.

Not one of the raspberry jelly, glazed donuts were sold.

Asking local residents why did the jelly donuts not sell, she was told, people in the market may

have felt something was wrong with them because a red substance oozed from their center.

She discovered a valuable marketing lesson, sell to the market a worthy product they are willing to buy.

Her corn muffins were highly favored by people at the market.

The community had not acquired a taste for processed sugar.

The world as a whole living off the land eats healthier than the United States.

Commercial advertising pushes a lot of unhealthy food items to Americans sold with empty calories

and no nutritious value.

Food devoid of nutrition keeps us dull, sick and unable to reach our full potential as a nation.

We are thankful for those here and throughout the world who provide high quality information, leading us back

on the path of organic living eating whole foods.

There are natural healthy choices to replace sugar such as Stevia and Agave nectar.

To unplug from the sugar matrix do a sugar detoxification program.

Good programs are easy to find so get started.

You may be surprised divorcing yourself from sugar is not always an easy process.

Be prepared to holistically treat the symptoms experienced as you cleanse.

Systems in the form of withdrawal, itching, lethargy, and cravings to name a few.

They can all be defeated with a good plan with the goal regaining your health.

Sugar has an accumulative effect on the body that can rob you of longevity of life.

Life can be shortened by twenty years as harmful radicals quicken the aging process.

Many debilitating diseases are created because of heavy sugar consumption.

Sugar feeds yeast and fungal infections that are only defeated through the benefits of whole foods

and holistic health.

Sugar’s addictive nature is very harmful to the total well being of the human body.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





Removing silver fillings Emergency dental care in KC KC dentist accepting walk ins.


You may find yourself needing a KC dentist accepting walk ins to resolve an immediate dental concern.

An open door policy welcomes those with legitimate dental emergencies threatening the overall well being of a person’s health.

Most dental offices work from a tight schedule with production targets similar to any other business concern.

Dental emergencies are planned into the day to stay on schedule.

It takes additional planning to see walk ins without having high frustration levels.

A patient came into my office from a neighborhood health center.

Frustration at the neighborhood health center was running high on the day the patient came to my office.

The patient had informed our dental team, the health center was shorthanded on this particular day.

In addition a doctor had left his post because of invalidation from a frustrated patient experiencing a long wait in the waiting room of the health center.

Our society runs on a hurry up and wait mentality.

We check in at desks and take a number awaiting our turn for service.

Triage is a concept used in hospitals and emergency care facilities to treat the most critically injured patients.

In a dental office this may include writing medication for patients with infection, pain and suffering.

Triage officers identify who has the greatest need for treatment on any given day.

Critical care is urgent care that will not allow a patient to sit in a waiting room all day.

It does not take all day to resolve most urgent care problems in dentistry when preplanned into your day.

In your own niche find ways to identify how you can keep traffic flowing through your website or brick and mortar business.

This is one way to improve the flow of a business.

Improve the flow of your business and the overall condition of the business improves as well.

Out think the problems of the day if there is a need to increase cash-flow.

Not all colleagues agree with this concept.

Go with the flow of what works for your business.

A business with a high return on investment may need only a few bodies flowing into their business.

Not a bad idea for those focused on rendering specialized services to their clientele.

Specialized services require sincere commitment to the improvement of a problem for its resolution.

Patients appreciate resolution of their problems with no problem to small or large.

It is not necessary to become a KC dentist accepting walk ins to out think the problems of the day.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Embracing change

Embracing Change

Win the battles of life by embracing change.

Change is inevitable brought on by technology, the aging process, ups and downs in life and our energy levels.

Your will to succeed is based on a desire to solve the problems of life that derail the majority of mankind.

Problems are a way of life and have solutions within their inception.

At the start of a problem are warning signs not to be ignored.

Out at sea storms brewing over the horizon are signals for small boats to head for shore.

Not heeding warnings of impending danger get us in trouble.

Storms come and go in the best and worst of times, the reason we buy umbrellas and raincoats.

The sea teaches to respect the power of nature, serene and peaceful one moment, raging tempest with billows

tossing high the next.

Learn the lessons of nature and you learn how to maneuver through life.

Problems complicate life if this is your choice.

Resolution of problems should be given attention each day until the problem is resolved.

Choose to rise above the problems of life paying attention to their  warning signs.

Warnings are only known if you stay attentive to what rolls in over the horizon.

In an open field, a wedding was planned under a beautiful white tent.

The tent was secured in a batten down the hatches kind of way.

Lightening strikes in the background found horses galloping to shelter.

People did not heed nature’s warning remaining vulnerable to the impending inclimate weather.

It is your choice to obey or ignore life’s warning signs.

Our dental team through emergency dental care in KC, has been trained to resolve patients dental problems using modern technology.

We provide a better service embracing change that comes because of modern technology.

Use the systems in your niche that make you more effective.

Persistence has helped us find what is needed, prioritizing the desire for maximum effect.

Aging dental practitioners working beyond retirement may decide not to invest in new technologies.

They remain effective limiting the delivery of their services.

Loved by a loyal patient base, aging dentists remain successful throughout their golden years.

Having a loyal client base built from delivering services at a high level is a very good goal to achieve.

Embracing change becomes a way of life for those moving up the ladder of success.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.




KC Dentist marketing his practice.


A KC dentist for the past 35 years has given quality service to areas surrounding Kansas City.

Caring for others has become a lifelong mission, giving back to those who appreciate the services you render.

Our lives are all connected in one way or another.

Keep patients plugged into your program delivering what they want and desire.

The public helps to keep you in business purchasing your goods and services.

You help the public adding value to their lives after using your goods and services.

Emergency dental care KC is a niche full of caring dentists.

Patients select a dental office or any other business based on your availability, ease of access, location, hours of operation and affinity for your marketing campaign.

Answer the question are you running effective marketing campaigns that make your phone ring?

Improve the overall condition of your business with a strong marketing campaign.

You build excitement if campaigns you are running make your phone ring.

It is also a good indicator your marketing program is effective

Marketers who can make your phone ring are very valuable to our firm.

On a few occasions plans have been purchased with no noticeable results.

Hot buttons pressed by the marketer will be effective with definitive calls to action.

If your promo materials are not effective, get a consult from a design team known for their high level of confront and expertise in marketing.

Wasting finance, missing the buttons that must be pressed for success, are mistakes that can be corrected.

Not spending dollars to market your business may keep you spinning your wheels  getting nowhere fast.

Make your first action the promotion of your business if revenues are low.

Promotion is the first action of a business in financial trouble.

The news is full of reports showing the merger of two major corporations.

One of our oldest transportation systems, the railroad found merger to be a survival tactic making two railway carriers more powerful.

Today the railroad remains a formidable foe in transportation.

Promotion furthers your progress or reach into your environment.

Actively promoting your business places you in a position to increase your market share.

Small businesses become greater after increasing their market share.

Technology is continually upgraded or replaced but like the railroad you can remain effective through promotion.

A KC dentist has stayed in business because it is understood there is a need to promote for survival.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Experience is Knowledge Recalling patients.


The recalling of patients is a good way to increase your return on investment.

Our dental team contacting existing patients keeps the office on their minds whether your call generates a new appointment or not.

The public will show loyalty returning from free offers across town for similar services.

Good doctor patient relationships are constructed rendering quality care and showing those who frequent your business they are appreciated..

Responding to wedding invitations, graduations, opportunities to speak when called upon build your rapport.

Advertising brings new patients into your office at times in a revolving door style.

It takes time to build affinity with patients that don’t know you from Adam.

Patients appreciate good communication from a business providing value to their lives.

Count the dollars you spend on advertising campaigns for major keywords and phrases.

The price of a phone call recalling patients is a much more economical action in building your practice.

Giving value to the public is a good form of getting the word out about what you do.

The lifeblood of a dental practice lies in your ability to matriculate a steady stream of patients through your business.

Multiple streams of income are produced from repeat business.

New patients come and go for a number of reasons.

They may come to you for relief of pain from an opt-in on your web page through emergency dental care in KC.

Their search may be rewarded if you can deliver on rendering a quality service, promoting your goodwill to friends and family members.

Revolving doors are closed going after what you really want from life.

What you want does not require more strenuous work.

It will require definiteness of purpose directed at your goals.

There is nothing wrong with a dental practice that has created a revolving door.

The portal to success has many doors.

You only need  to choose a path that you desire to walk.

The journey becomes easier if you desire what is sought.

Our dental practice bonds with those who come to us for care in the most genuine and caring manner.

The events you attend may only require a few minutes of your time, but the bond developed by those who care enough to invite you, will last for a lifetime.

This is how we have survived to practice dentistry for thirty-five years.

Take the time to do the things that matter most in your life and the lives of those who call upon you.

Recalling patients builds bridges that last for a lifetime.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Pitfalls in Dentistry Dental Cardiac Care Improving Dental Health

Dental Technology

Improving dental health starts with a good understanding of the body’s immune system.

Some estimates inform us 75% of our immune system is located in our digestive tract.

The statement, we are what we eat is true.

A poor diet devoid of sound nutrition causes poor health.

It is well known digestion starts in the mouth.

Teeth needing restorative procedures or replacement make it harder to chew properly.

Your teeth are a valuable part of the digestive process.

Harmful toxins build up in the mouth due to tartar and plaque accumulation.

You can assist in improving dental health keeping regular check-ups at your local dental office.

Dental patients should not procrastinate calling for oral hygiene visits.

Digestion is one of 7 pathways of body elimination.

The liver, lungs, lymphatic drainage system, kidneys, skin and blood are included in this important list.

Detoxification is vital to our overall health.

Your skin should be monitored to keep a check on disease processes.

Oral mucosal membranes are examined by dentists for changes in color, shape, form, and presence of pathology.

Take the time to have an oral health evaluation to determine if tissues are free of disease.

Skin rashes tell us all is not normal in what we take into our bodies or exposure from environmental toxins.

The skin requires Vitamins A, C, E, niacinamide and panthenol to improve its overall health.

Abscess formation is the accumulation of bacteria in areas of the mouth where there is bone loss from periodontal disease.

The loss of teeth causes a reduction in bone.

A patient with severe pruritus requested relief by any means necessary.

Her medical practitioner had prescribed steroids with minimal results.

The strategic plan to restore the function of her skin compromised from years of steroid use lie in combining holistic health with her physician’s plan.

Take the time to also detoxify the digestive system, your major source of the body’s immune system.

Pathogens in dentistry keep dentists busy repairing and treating dental disease.

In America because of our high sugar intake and poor nutrition, yeast infections have become a constant battle.

Overuse of antibiotics also cause yeast to grow out of control.

High sugar and alcohol consumption feed yeast infections causing them to grow uncontrolled in many cases.

Patients demand antibiotic therapy from healthcare practitioners.

Practitioners render a higher purpose in understanding the true etiology of what ails out patients.

Improving dental health is also helping patients find solutions to their total health problems.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.





My dentist wants to save my tooth and has recommended root canal therapy.

One of the specialities in dentistry is endodontic therapy.

These specialists are busy with referrals to their offices from general practitioners.

This therapy is the process that involves disinfection of the pulp chamber and canals that in most cases travel all the way to the tooth root apex.

Teeth get infected if bacteria enters the nerve space deep within each tooth.

Antibiotic therapy is important in reducing bacterial infections.

Root canal therapy sanitizes your tooth removing harmful toxins that break down healthy tissue.

Literature teaches dental students root canal therapy is 80% successful.

Major problems reducing this percentage are related to fractures that result in tooth loss.

Patients are requested to place crowns on teeth treated with endodontic therapy.

The nerve tissue and vessel that nourishes your tooth is obliterated and a permanent seal placed.

Crowns protect these teeth after treatment due to their brittle condition.

Teeth that are infected can be very difficult to numb thus the cause of horror stories after visiting a dental office and valiant attempts made to get the patient out of pain.

Sedatives and anti-anxiety agents drastically reduce a high percentage of patients’ negative experiences receiving emergency dental care in KC.

Our dental team makes it a high priority to reduce the pain and suffering related to difficult to numb teeth.

Dentists encourage patients to keep routine check-ups  reducing chances of infected teeth ruining your week.

Root canal therapy ranges from routine to very difficult procedures due to curvature of root structure and amount of time infection has been present in the patient’s tooth.

Periodontal disease and root canal therapy should both be treated in areas where deep pockets trap bacteria before the completion of therapy.

Infection caused by bacteria will escape through draining tracts in the gum tissue.

Treating periodontal disease will improve the overall gum condition.

Bacteria trapped at the apical area of  teeth may also be hard to heal.

A minor dental procedure called an apicoectomy will seal the root of a tooth for greater viability.

Palpate the apical area above the upper teeth and below the lower teeth near the area where the apex of the tooth is located.

The science of endodontics through root canal therapy saves teeth.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.



Pasadena's Rose Parade 2015 Speed of Flow


Your success is rooted in the speed of flow.

Basic elements of success bring you to the realization,  effectively handling clients with speed creates income.

Clients are looking for solutions to the problems that keep them from advancing beyond glass ceilings placed on their industries.

If they could advance on their on, it would have occurred long before you came on the scene.

As a consultant you were called to think outside the box and improve overall financial conditions.

Dentists hire consultants all the time looking for quick fixes to their problems.

The problems in a dental office may not turn around overnight, but will incrementally change with steady smart work.

One question to ask does the dentist that hires you want to dominate his/her niche in several areas?

In dentistry we are taught to not place our eggs in one basket.

Offering services in several areas produces multiple income streams.

There is safety in the numbers produced from multiple disciplines.

A general dentist does not have to be a specialist in all areas of dentistry.

Handle what you can do well and refer more difficult cases to the specialists of your profession.

Some colleagues have opted to not provide simple oral surgery, it gets in the way of their speed of flow.

Harsh economic conditions require multiple income streams to survive the hard times.

We have made a living, providing basic oral surgery through the removal of teeth at an affordable fee for the patient.

In my dental office, through emergency dental care KC, we first encounter a patient through after hours dental care.

Patients are seeking immediate relief from a nagging problem.

You improve your speed of flow with sensible systems that give a quality result time after time.

Resolve the problem and you generate a ton of goodwill that comes back to you ten fold.

Refer the client if you cannot resolve the patient’s problem.

As a courtesy to the patient, a good referral is also worth it’s weight in gold.

It will be appreciated in most cases if the referral is one where the patient is treated with respect by the specialty team.

On occasion your services are sought by the public because it is assumed the general dentist has a fee structure more in line with what is considered affordable.

Affordable dentistry in KC is sometimes hard to find.

Streamline your operation and you improve your speed of flow.

From the Diary of my enlightenment,

A.L. Clark, D.D.S.